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October 27, 2011
Dean Groom Writing Activity #5
Clover was the name of a strange girl who lived in the hood named Jenny. Made in the U.S, her robotic arm worked very well. A bunch of gangs around the neighborhood would pick on her. Sort of ironic because some of them were missing parts of their legs and arms. Of course no one ever picked on them because they carried weapons and walked around in large numbers. Walls surrounded Jenny as she sat alone in an old forgotten building. Around her were many strange creatures and insects. Their variety of colors amazed her. Giant beetles sat in the corner staring at Jenny without her knowing. Butts were missing from all the strange creatures, as if half there body was missing. With gangs right outside the walls, Jenny realized she could not run away from the creatures unless she wanted to be attacked by the gangs. Her head started to hurt. Bodily fluids started leaking out of the bugs. And all of a sudden, Jenny started to feel her skin boil. The gangs stopped, thinking they heard something and sat in silence waiting to jump on anyone who appeared. Herds of bugs were now surrounding Jenny. Of course she could not move for she was frozen in fear and in great pain. Wildly she screamed and tried to shoo the bugs away, but they would not leave. Buffalo into the shack and Jenny screamed. Nestled in the corner now afraid of what was going on Jenny tried to think of a way to escape. Down below her were thousands of tiny bugs starting to crawl on her, but she continued to shoo them. Inside the walls of this shack, she was trapped. It took all her strength to not freak out and pass out because she had a fear of bugs. And then something extraordinary happened. Took over by the bugs, they began to cover her whole body. Forever she became.......Bug Women.
October 16, 2011
Dean Groom Writing activity # 2

The stinking potatoes had just fell down when a herd of wild buffalo, which had lost their muffins, filed into the barn, whining obnoxiously and wandering from side to side to find some place where they would not sit upon people. Clover made a sort of wall around their giant butts with her body, and the herd of wild buffalo nestled down inside it and took forever to fall asleep. At the last moment the fat worms, the smelly, incredibly stupid creatures who drew Mr. Jones's trap, came unsightly squirming in, chewing at a lump of dung.

October 11, 2011

Dean Grooms Writing activity # one

Movie: One night with a king
  • love story
  • rennisance feeling
  • fancy talking
  • king and queen
  • hiddin identity
  • not alot of action
  • first saw at my old house in North Carolina
  • only watch by myself or with friends never family
  • makes me feel intterested
  • makes me go awwwww and GASP and oh my goodness!
  • love the storyy line and what it teaches
  • watched it over 15 times
  • intense feeling
  • got many of my friends interested in it
  • most of my guy friends want to puke at the sight of the movie
  • my family doesn't understand why i like it
  • only one in my family who watches it
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQDyUH-gHCNcIAu0YSt2cFIZlj8rveUp-ozlsEP9Sxx8G54qLjREirxAnvt7g
October 26, 2011
continuing activity #2
  • inspiring
  • going to watch it again
  • pigs wouldn't watch it
  • gorillas wouldn't watch it
  • kings would watch it
  • rich in information about biblical things
  • it has humans in it

October 7, 2011
I am most like.......
I am most like Clover. I am most like Clover because Clover is caring. Clover likes to help and care for the other animals. For example when the young ducklings came into the barn, lost without their mother, Clover took them and kept them warm next to her. I am also like Clover because she is a good helper. Clover is a horse and most horses are hard workers. Clover does the amount of work shes supposed ,not to much not to little, without compliant. Clover is a kind, caring, helper who is honest.
external image horses-20.jpgexternal image 17_5_orig.jpg

September 27, 2011
What I learned on the Web Quest.
Some interesting things that I learned on this web quest:
  • Alaska is the largest state in the United States.
  • The media effects history more than we think.
  • Honduras is mostly made of ruins.
I think something I could have done better on this web quest was to express more examples in my essay. Other than that I think I did pretty good. I wouldn't change anything else. I think that web quest are pretty cool and a fun way to learn, I just didn't like this subject because it was pretty boring. I like doing things more interesting and intriguing.
external image toblog.jpgexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSvDKUun-tGfWur1gZRsDOYe7GxHo-Ky0Wos4IMS48UmgEkwxHMoc1ks09Ybw