Imagine reading a book that doesn't tell you one story, but ten different ones. This book is a mosaic of multi-textured pieces, each involving Utopian concepts. You are certain to enjoy yourself as you wind your way through the twists and turns of the lives of each of the characters in this collection, created through a collaboration of students in Mr. Agamenoni's ECS class at North Middle School in Great Falls, Montana.

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Period 2 Minisagas

The Central Park Zoo had many problems. All people watched the animals, which made the animals extremely mad, angry, and anxious. Gorillas united the animals and grouped them together and put together a rebellion. A rebellion that would change the entire wide world. Will this new government live on forever?

Qwerty stared at the parts, working together like, well parts in a machine, which is what they were. An idea started to grow in his head, but it didn’t seem like his. It was almost like someone planted it there. And then he said out loud, “This world is mine."

All the grandparents were gone and the family rejoiced. They decided a leader must be chosen. Dad seemed to be a better option, always making everyone feel safe. He was kind and gentle, a good father. Mom, even if she was their mother, terrified them. She was unpredictable.

Lucy was dreading swimming today. She didnt want to do a 300 freestyle. She walked into the room with the pool. Everyone was gathered in a circle. "What's going on?" Lucy asked. "We're having a meeting" responded coach Ellie. Coach Ray said "From now on nothing will be the same."

Annabeth and Destiny were so busy singing and dancing in their new world that they didn’t even notice that Sarah was gone. It wasn’t until they returned to their room that they noticed Sarah was missing and something was wrong. They found a note that only said, “come find Sarah."

Period 3 Minisagas

I woke up with a excruciating pain on the side of my head. I slowly got up only to fall over again. I just then realized the blood stained grass. Where did that come from? How did I get here? Just then I remembered sneaking into the janitor's storage room!

The gum was glowing. It was the most radiant thing Ralf and Paul had ever seen. The boys thought that the gum was old so they left it and walked away. What the boys didn't know is that the gum was sent from the gods and was filled with power.

"Why do you always have to ruin everything" Quinn said tartly. "I was trying to fix what Zach did, you always stick up for him." Chance yelled back.
"He was trying to help" "I should just leave" "Fine, leave" They both groaned in annoyance and stomped out of the room.

The sound of the great monster...where is it. Geobata and Luigi creep through the pick dark swamp, the sound of the monster was scaring their dog Keelby which had ran of to the ship. Then all of the sudden the monster shot out at them just missing them by inches!

Period 5 Mini-sagas

I walk into the lunch room, but as soon as I step in I notice what's different. All the groups are mixed! What happened when I was gone? Why is everyone sitting in places that they've never been? There was no longer sepperation! Everything's completely changed,or so I thought.

It was dark. A little too dark. He felt a disturbance in his belly full of grilled cheese.He had no idea what was about to happen.All of a sudden there was a loud bang.One of the clumsier ones knocked into a light post.The awesome Jedi Mr.A................

A long time ago, everyone was happy and merry together, until Mr. Alrfedo decided he was going to be better most people. He plotted against his people, until one day, his decision became true. The people were divided into two groups, the SPIRS ,low society, and the VIVAC, high society.

“I’ll give you 500 gangots for it.” The farmer couldn’t tear his eyes from the creature that had saved him from certain bankruptcy. But 500 gangots? “Okay,” he replied, closing his eyes, guilt already eating at his insides. A smug smile spread across Richard’s lips. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

Period 9 Minisagas