Death of the Doughnuts
yyyyyyyyyyyRoya Blake

"The Superiors"
"The Superiors"
"The Plain Ones"
"The Plain Ones"

There once was a town titled Many Doughnuts. there was a doughnut factory in the town titled "Sweeties Sugared Donuts". At first glance, it looked like any other doughnut factory, and the inside was like any other factory, but if one were to spend the night, they would see strange things. For the donuts were different than any other donuts. The Sweeties Sugared Donuts had minds of their own. They looked like any other donuts, but acted almost human like. The most noble of all the donuts was Cherry, the smartest and nicest of the donuts, but not all good rulers last, and the time came for her to be bought and eaten by a human. Before she left, she gave her words of wisdom to the newer doughnuts. "Now remember," she said, "you all must work hard to have a perfect Utopia. No fighting, no arguing, and no cruelty." And with that, she left. All of the doughnuts were eager to please Cherry, and worked harder than ever to do what she asked. The new ruler was Glazed maple sugar coated doughnut, and made sure everything was in perfect order. However, A new doughnut was made. A doughnut by the name of King. He was unlike any of the other doughnuts made. He would question authority when he did something bad, and wouldn't agree with new plans that were given. Soon the time came for Glaze to go, and there was an argument as to who would be the next ruler.
One of the main candidates was King, but the other was a shyer doughnut named Sofia. Sofia was a strawberry scented doughnut, plain baked. She was shy, but wanted what was best for the doughnuts. King, however was a better speaker, and won the job. He ruled about the same as all the other doughnuts for a time, but soon, new things started happening. It was King that gave the call for the fancier doughnuts, meaning the ones that were fried in oil with glazed and sprinkling on top, that would be attending special meetings. It was apparently meetings that talked about "How to govern the doughnut population" stated King. No one questioned it, for King was well liked and admired. But next, King announced that there would be two classes. "The Superiors" being the higher class with all the fancy, glazed, and sprinkled doughnuts, and the "Plain Uglies" being the plain asked doughnuts. Of course, no one questioned it, and life continued on. "After all," the plain ones thought, "King's rule is just a short rule. He will soon be bought by the humans, and then there will just be a new leader to take his place."
Oddly enough, no more humans came. Every now and then, there would one to pick out a doughnut, but hardly anyone was coming anymore. The reign of King became more and more cruel. If a plain doughnut happened to pass by a "Superior," the "Superior" had the right to bop them on the head, and pass right by. One particular "Superior" by the name of Speckle, due to all the sprinkles that stuck to his beautiful glazed coat, took and enthusiastic attitude towards this, and was known by "The Plain Uglies" to hit so hard, crumbs would fall off the disoriented doughnut. But the plain doughnuts didn't complain. They had grown used to having someone in control of them, and the thought that they were being treated unfairly didn't even cross their minds. This went on for quite some time, until one fateful day when a new doughnut was made. His name was Albert. Hew was a plainly baked vanilla doughnut, but was different than the other plain doughnuts. He did not agree at all with King's ideas, and scorned King behind his back. "Why don't you fight back?" He questioned them "Why should we?" "The Plain Uglies" wondered. "King knows what is best." Albert sighed in disbelief, but didn't press it further, until one day when he was walking around the factory. He saw King coming up with a bunch of other "Superiors." When he saw them, Albert hid. As Plain Albert hid, he heard The Superiors talking. "Are you sure the plan will work?" asked Speckle. "course it will." said King. "plain donuts are clueless. Once we gain control of the plain donuts, we'll take charge of the factory!" Albert knew the factory would never be the same.
Plain Albert raced back to the other "Plain Uglies," and related his tale. The "Uglies" were shocked. How could their trusted leader do this? Albert, seeing his chance, told them that now was their chance to revolt.
Albert warned, "Your resolution must never falter. No argument must lead you astray. Never listen when they tell you that "Superiors and The Plain Doughnuts have a common interest....we must not come to resemble them...No Plain Doughnut must ever have secret meetings, be rude to others, have a king, or dip themselves in glaze to become like them."
And so "The Plain Uglies" forged their new name into "Plain Ones", and marched to war. They marched forward against "The Superiors," and huge battle waged forth. Never before had The Sweeties Sugared doughnut factory seen such turmoil!
All of a sudden though, A huge group of humans stampeded into the factory, and began seizing the doughnuts, and scarfing them down. In all of the turmoil, none of the doughnuts had even paused to look at the sign posted on the door. It Read: "Due to the new bakeries being built, The Sweeties Sugared Doughnut Factory will be closing down, and any person wishing to may come on May 20, and participate in a free doughnut giving away."
Had the doughnuts heeded, they would have taken flight from the factory, for the day of the grand battle between "The Superiors" and "The Plain Ones" was May 20.

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyThe End


Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters: My characters will be speckle the fat fried chocolate covered with sprinkles doughnut; Phoo Phoo, the boring, plain baked doughnut; King, the fanciest doughnut covered with maple sugar syrup and chocolate drizzled flakes; Sofia, the sweet, kind, strawberry scented glazed doughnut. Albert, the wheat flour, plain vanilla baked doughnut;

  • What do they want? The fancier donuts want to be in control forever, and the plain baked donuts want everything to be equal, basically a Utopia.

  • Where are they going? They basically stay in the doughnut factory, except for the donuts that get bought.
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop? The fancy ones will gain control, saying that only fancy donuts can rule, and the plain donuts are stupid and don't know how to rule.

  • Plot Twists and Turns? all of the donuts end up getting eaten, due to the doughnut factory closing down, and the people getting to eat the donuts for free

  • How will you lead up to the climax? A new doughnut is made, the very last before the closing down of the factory, and he questions authority, and gets all the plain donuts to revolt, and just when the plain donuts are about to destroy the fancy donuts, the people end up eating the donuts.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting? No, the people end up eating all of the donuts, even the poor plain ones

  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story? When Albert listen to the fancy doughnut's plans, he foreshadows the factory never being the same again.

My Mini Saga...

As Plain Albert hid, he heard The Superiors talking. "Are you sure the plan will work?" asked Speckle. "course it will." said King. "plain donuts are clueless. Once we gain control of the plain donuts, we'll take charge of the factory!" Albert knew the factory would never be the same.