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A Beautiful World
Lillian Zimmerman

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Chelsea was a young girl who always loved dreaming about a world for herself. "A utopia is a perfect world," she'd tell her friends. Of course, they would never listen to her babble on about her world.

One day, she decided to go on a walk around the city. She went all around the block. Just as she was about to turn back to home, she tripped on something. Something was wrong, though. She saw space all around her. Plus ,she didn't fall; she glided down. But down wasn't the down that she knew anymore. As she landed, she looked around. All she saw was white. As she looked further, she saw a small box. She walked towards it. As Chelsea picked it up, she read the words: MAGIC MARKERS. "I would scribble on the walls, if there were any!" she thought.

She took out a marker labeled "green" and took off the cap. As she moved it around, a small line followed the tip. "Wow!" Chelsea said. "I could make anything I want!"

Chelsea drew. She drew and drew and drew. When she finished, she looked at everything. Chelsea created a large forest of fruit trees with long, uncut grass growing on the ground. There was a wide sky with a large sun and big, white clouds. She plucked a red apple from one of the trees. As she took a bite from it, she felt its sweet juice hit her chin. She then lay down on the sweet grass. "Now this is a utopia!" Chelsea thought.

She then remembered that she had to be home for dinner. "Hmm," she wondered, "how will I get out?" Just then she began to float up to the sky. When she went past, she saw space again. As quickly as it began, she was back on the street near her house. Chelsea ran home as fast as she could to tell her mother. Then she realized something. If told anyone, they might change her world to the way that they wanted it. Chelsea decided not to tell anyone.

When she got home, Chelsea ate dinner and went to her room. She took out her cellphone. "I must tell somebody, I suppose."
She called her best friend Garry and told him all about what had happened. "It's right next to Mrs. Harris' house!" she told Garry. "I just tripped and there I was! Just don't tell anyone. Promise?"

The next day, Garry decided to see for himself what Chelsea was talking about. He went to Mrs. Harris' house and walked around. "Well, I don't feel anything."

Just then, he hit his foot on something. He began to glide through space just like Chelsea did. When he arrived, he saw all the trees and grass growing. It was so peaceful. A little too peaceful.

"This is great and all," Garry said, "but where are all the animals?"

He looked on the ground and found the magic markers. He took out a brown one and removed the cap.

Garry drew. He drew and drew and drew. When he finished, he looked around. There were deer eating the long grass and squirrels taking fruit from the trees. There were birds flying everywhere. He sat down next to a family of white rabbits. As they nibbled his fingers, he thought, "This is what Chelsea said when she meant a utopia!"

Garry had an idea. He drew a sign and stuck it into the ground. Then he drew the words "No one shall kill anyone else." so that all animals would be kind to each other and be happy in the utopia, too.

After Garry had finished the sign, he thought to himself, "Now how am I to leave?"

Garry began to float up into space. When he returned to the street, he quickly ran home. He called his friend Jamie and told her what he did. "It was beautiful!" he said. "All of it was right next to Mrs. Harris' house! You can see if you promise not to tell anyone."

That next morning, Jamie walked over to Mrs. Harris' street. When she tripped like everyone else had, she saw the beautiful world that had been created. She wanted it to be all hers, so she grabbed the box of magic markers (which Garry had made a wooden stand for). She grabbed a yellow marker and removed the cap.

Jamie drew. She drew and drew and drew. She looked around. She had created a statue of herself made of gold. She had also made a crown and a throne. As she sat down, she thought, "How wonderful! My own land. I will name it Jamarica!"

After a while, Jamie grew hungry. She drew a gun and killed all of the animals. She realized that she didn't want meat so she picked all of the fruit off of the trees. All off her leftovers were thrown onto the ground.

Jamie noticed the sign and changed it. "What a silly rule," she thought.
When she had left, Chelsea and Henry were walking down the street to visit their land. When they got there, they saw that the land was covered in animal carcasses. All of the trees were dying due to the enormous population that had sprung up from the nutrients released into the ground. The land looked awful.

"What has happened?" Garry shouted. "I had planted a sign that said no one was to kill another. Then he saw his sign. When he read the writing on the sign to Chelsea, interestingly, the words were, "No one shall kill anyone else without cause."

Chelsea thought about this. "Well, nothing's perfect. I guess it would have to fail eventually."

So they left and never returned.

The End


Describe the start of your story.
Introduce your characters: Chelsea, Garry, and Jamie

What do they want? The best room in the world!

Where are they going? To a secret room that no one has ever found.
What happens in the middle of your story?
How will all your story and characters develop?

Plot Twists and Turns? Each character changes the aspect of the room in some way.

How will you lead up to the climax? Same as above. Then Chelsea comes back.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
Is your ending what your readers are expecting? Not necessarily.

Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story? A bit.


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Henry ran very quickly. He ran past the creek. As he approached the small town, he ran even faster. He heard multiple loud shrieks coming from the air. Fear struck his heart. As he clutched the cold pen closer, he wondered how he was going to stop these incredible beasts.