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When Things Went Bad

Kaydee Smith

The Group's Motto


It was the year of 8th grade at Edison Middle School and about the first week or two of school when the group of teens came up with an idea... It was lunch time when the conversation began. "So I was thinking guys what if, sense were the top dogs now if we took charge, who's with me?" said Laura. Of course her twin brother Brian said of course and because of that so did everyone else. As Laura always does she then spoke her mind again. " I believe that everyone should look up to me (her brother coughed making her correct herself)....oh I mean all of us. We are the most popular group in school". As the lunch bell rang Laura told everyone to think of ideas on how this whole thing was going to go down.

That night while Emma was in bed contemplating the take over....all of a sudden her phone started buzzing, she was startled and screamed. She read the text from Emily it said: u ready 4 tomorrow. She replied back: yah totally, she lied HBY? The reply came, it said: ABSOLUTELY! She thought to herself "I don't know if this is right but usually Laura's right and same with her brother". She turned over and fell asleep. That night everyone was thinking of ideas and was thinking if this was right except for Laura and her brother Brian.

The next day at lunch break as usual Laura held her meeting. She started "Me and my brother have decided to run for class president and vice president of course me being president. I believe this is our shot at being in control of this school." Emily then said "Wait what about our ideas you had us think about all night, don't we have a say?" Rebecka then replied with a dagger in her voice and said "No, because Laura and her brother thought of this amazing idea and there is really no reason for your ideas Emily! ok that's the end of that now, so we all agree that they shall run for student government and that will be our reign. Meeting over" Just then the bell rang and Zack then whispered to Emma "saved by the bell", and so it was because later that day during 8th period apparently Brian which Emily had a crush on went up to her and told her that she was no longer to hang out with the group and was not allowed by Laura to talk to any of them. Emily went home that day with a crushed spirit. How depressing and sad.

A couple weeks went by with everyday meetings and no communication with Emily. As planned they ran for student government. Also as planned they won but the ironic thing was that as everyone knew that you never challenge the Mott twins because they always won and always got what they wanted. Out of spite Emily decided to run against them to see what would happen and of course to make the twins angry. To make sure they won Laura decided to do everything to win she bribed, lied, and coaxed people to vote for her and her brother. The next annual meeting Laura said that she thought that "all students are equal...but some of us students are more equal than others, I've decided that because like we are amazing and everyone else like Emily is just not in our level." Now this made Emma and Zack mad because that was one of their friends which Laura said not to talk to but they had been talking to her because they still liked to be around her. Now usually Emma doesn't speak back but some type of fire lit inside of her and she talked back and said "HEY, don't you remember that at one time Emily was a good friend to you". Laura suddenly said "Don't you dare speak to me like that I am your...." She was then interrupted by Rebecka and she said, "oh Emma don't you remember that our dear Emily stabbed us in the back she planned to take the class president away from them all along". "oK", said Emma. She really didn't want to lose another friend so she held her tongue and just left the situation alone, not that she wanted to. Zack would have said something but he kind of just sits back usually because Laura usually manipulates him and so he just decided to let it go.

Later that night Zach was sitting on his bed realizing that he should have stood up for Emily with Emma. He decided to start texting Emma.
Zack: Hey Emma you up? :)
Emma: Ya
Zack: I agree with u about Emily they have treated her like dirt after all she's done for them. 2marow ive decided to tell Laura, Brian, and Rebecka the way I feel. RU with me.
Emma: Heck ya I think it's time to take a stand for what is right :)
Zack: I don't know about you but I think she won't like it so I've decided to leave the group
Emma: Me too I'm done with this garbage see you 2marow
Zack: CU 2marrow 2 Bye
Emma: :)

The next day both Zack and Emma walked up to the others, for a change Zack started talking which shocked everyone "Laura, Rebecka, and Brian you should be ashamed of yourselves because you were cruel and rude to Emily and sense you've done that to her now I bet you'll try to do it to one of us to later in out school lives so Emma and I have decided to leave this group. There are to many things that I have not agreed with but have not said a word because I know one of you three would try to cover it up or give me an explanation. Well I'm tired of it and so is Emma. This is the end of this madness and goodbye". He then walks away with Emma so they can go catch up to Emily and tell her the news.

"That was odd" said Rebecka. All of a sudden Laura screamed for no reason. Everyone starred. Her brother and Rebecka calmed her down. At lunch the same day it was like a mental break down at the table because Laura started crying and mumbling and sobbing. It was unusual for her to do that. She told the others that she realized what had been going on. " I realized that i am selfish and actually kind of rude and because of that that has influenced you to follow. It is my fault that no one likes me". Then Rebecka started crying because she realized what Laura had said was true. Same with Brian but he just stared because you know guys don't like to cry in public usually. "I Laura Mott swear from this point on to change my ways and to be more friendly to anyone who is nice to me. I also want to know if you two also take this pledge?" At the same time Brian and Rebecka said "I". The three later that night were texting each other what they were going to do the next day.

The next day after school got out the three of them went up to Emily, Emma, and Zack. Laura said "We're very sorry for what we have done to you guys. We're sorry for being rude and letting popularity & power get to our heads. Especially to you Emily we were the rudest to you because of our behavior". Rebecka and Brian both nodded after Laura said that. Emily then said "On the behalf of me, Emma, and Zack we accept the apology". They then all hugged each other in forgiveness and put the past behind them and never let power or popularity get in between their friendship again. They kept these promises to each other through the rest of school in Copper High School and in college. They were all very good lifetime friends.

The End

Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters:
My character's are:

All these girls and boy are friends.
  1. Emma- has brown hair and is very nice and she has an internal conflict that makes her really think about what she's doing.
  2. Laura- has blond hair, she is kind of mean and thinks she's the boss but she is nice when needed.
  3. Emily- has brown hair like Emma she's one the nicer girls like Emma but is easily manipulated.
  4. Rebecka- has auburn colored hair and is very much like Laura.
  5. Zack- dirty blond hair and He is friends with Emma because she's nicer than the others but is bossed around by Laura
  6. Brian- black hair and is a total tool he's Laura's twin brother so exactly like Laura.

  • What do they want?
This group of middle schoolers want to be the top popular group of the whole school
  • Where are they going?
Everyone is at school(Edison Middle School) in the story but they also go to their houses and inside of their minds to think of all the things they do. In the end they will be going to Copper High School.
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
The characters all start out frenemies at the beginning and by the end it may be different or the same you'll have to find out by reading.
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
The story begins by Laura coming up with the idea to be the big shots and so all of her so called friends agree with her but during all these things happening to the group people start taking a look at what their saying and doing.
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
The climax will be led to by everyone having conflicts with themselves and each others and of course Laura and her brother.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
I'm not sure yet but I don't think people will.
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
Yes because I want to see if the readers will see what's coming without directly saying it.

Mini Saga
.......That night while Emma was in bed contemplating the take over....all of a sudden her phone started buzzing, she was startled and screamed. She read the text from Emily it said: u ready 4 tomorrow. She replied back: yah totally, she lied HBY? The reply came, it said: ABSOLUTELY!.................