Friends or Not
There Secret Tree House!
There Secret Tree House!

This is a story that should teach you a lesson about friendship it i hope you enjoy it.

Tara has long blond hair and green eyes, she is a rich girl that has a bad temper. Samantha has red hair and purplish eyes, is a sweet girl that is quiet and she only talks when she has to. Lisa is a tall girl was brown eyes and brown hair, she is just what is considered normal. Mandy is a bigger girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes, she is nice but sometimes she can be a little sensitive. They are all 9 year of age. They have been friends since as long as they remember. They are small town girls with big houses and the town has a population of 800 and the school only has 387 kids. They all live in big houses in the same neighborhood and they have a hidden tree house in the forest that they found and it has been there secret ever since.

They wanted the tree house to be there utopia so that was there goal and they were to make it happen. They started by decorating the tree house with flowers and blankets and all the things that made them happy. When they were done it was a paradise. The girls were together 24-7 witch meant that they were going to fight and have disagreements about things. They wanted their play house to be like a little town with a government and they just happen to be learning about that in school right now.

They decide that they would have nobody rule so that they were all able to make decisions together. They made a second tree house for their meeting to decide how to improve. They had to choose a tree that could hold the meeting house. That was one of the big things that they had to choose. Tara thought that the big tree to the right was the better tree, but Mandy though that the tree behind was the better and bigger. Samantha finally said that they were going to just make it the tree on the left so that they will stop fighting. They had a builder build it so that it was done right.

3 Months later

Tara is now 10 and she thinks that she gets to be the boss of everything and everyone. They were fighting with Tara about what food they should bring for a dinner they were having with some of their parents. Tara kept running away because she did not want to talk about it. Tara screamed LEAVE ME ALONE! Samantha, Mandy, and Lisa ran to the club house. They all talked about how to fix things. Tara took all the memories of their friendship and run to the beach she through it all in the ocean. They thought about all the times Tara had done stuff that hurt them. They completely ignored Tara for the rest of school and that destroyed Tara.Later in life they had grown apart Samantha and Mandy still kept in touch. Tara had lost everything and became a homeless woman living in a box down the street. Lisa Became a model and never talked to them again. So I hope that this tough you a lesson about choosing your friends.
The End :)

Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters: Mandy, Lisa, Samantha, Tara
  • What do they want? to have the perfect friendship
  • Where are they going?
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
Story Themes

Class Stratification
. they live


Mini Saga

1 Tara 2 screamed 3 LEAVE 4 ME 5 ALONE! 6 Samantha, 7 Mandy, 8 and 9 Lisa 10 ran 11 to 12 the 13 club 14 house. 15 they 16 all 17 talked 18 about 19 how 20 to 21 fix 22 things. 23 tara 24 took 25 all 26 the 27 memories 28 of 29 there 30 friendship 31 and 32 run 33 to 34 the 35 beach 36 she 37 through 38 it 39 all 40 in 41 the 42 ocean. 43 the 44 three 45 girls 46 decided 47 that 48 revenge 49 was 50 the 51answer.