Tale of the Animals in the Salad Prarie


Describe the start of your story.
  • Bunnies: Smokey, Choo-Choo, Autumn, Glue, Ghost,Velvet, Chocolate, Marble, and Vanilla
  • Robots: X-12, Y-17, Z- 22, AND W- 99

  • Bunnies: To live on the Salad Prairie unafraid and equal to others
  • Robots: To destroy the Salad Prairie and eat all the salad(so we think... ;) )

  • Everything takes place in the Salad Prairie
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • The bunnies are now free in trying to live in a Utopia
  • Some bunnies begin getting sick
  • Bunny zombies appear and start eating everyone and the remaining bunny(s) escapes to only be taken by the last robot.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • People would think that all the robots are dead and no one knew where zombies came from so no

  • Yes, I showed that some bunnies were taken and kept hidden
You walk through a burned and destroyed prairie of some sort. You search the landscape and see sadness and terror... but something is sprinting towards you... you hear roars and some type of scream coming form the distance. Fear engulfs you as you see something loom over you, your nightmare.

The Salad Prairie's Destruction
By Helena Allison

In a far place away from you, there was once a magical prairie. This prairie was magical because it was made entirely out of ingredients for salad like salad dressing, lettuce, cucumbers, and so on, from every salad in the world. It was called Salad Prairie. In the Salad Prairie, there lived 6 bunnies named Smokey, Choo-Choo, Autumn, Glue, Ghost, Velvet, Chocolate, Marble, and Vanilla. There were also robots named X-12, Y-17, Z- 22, AND W- 99. The robots were in control of the Salad Prairie for as long as the bunnies could remember, even Autumn, the oldest animal in the prairie could hardly remember a time before the robots were busy making life miserable for everyone and eating all the salad so the animals were starved. Today, the bunnies gathered in a desolate area with a lovely oriental dressing pond. The two bunnies named Marble and Velvet had just begun eating lettuce when Chocolate and Vanilla hopped in fighting as usual. Marble calmed the siblings and they were best of siblings again. Finally, Smokey, Choo-Choo, Autumn, Glue, and Ghost all sauntered into the open space. After everyone was comfortable, Autumn began " Fellow soft ones, I believe it is time that the robots learn what life is like for us. For too long we have suffered and died. We have lost so many soft ones over the years of their rule and leadership. There used to be hundreds of us bunnies roaming the Salad Prairie. Now there are only 9 of us left! Soft ones, the time has come to rebel!" Everyone cheered except for Smokey, who seemed to be deep in thought, until they heard the dreadful sounds of "Beep. Get away from the area immediately! Beep." Everyone scampered. The very next day, it was time! The bunnies gathered around the robot's new area destined for destruction. Smokey then yelled, " Soft ones, ATTACK!" Chocolate and Vanilla started the bickering to distract the robots if only for a second. Then, everyone else started attacking and capturing the robots. Finally, the battle was complete. The bunnies had won! The robots were to be abandoned in Nightmare Valley. After that order of business was complete, the soft ones rejoiced and always celebrated this. Little did they know that something very bad was about to take place in the Salad Prairie. A few days later, something seemed to be happening to some of their fellow soft ones. They became more violent and started eating less salad and more of some type of food known to others as meat. The bunnies that got sick are Chocolate, Vanilla, Autumn and Glue. Many weeks passed and the bunnies symptoms became worse. Chocolate and Vanilla stopped talking and only roared and grunted now. Autumn could barely walk anymore. Glue started seeing things. But they all had one symptom alike, they all started puking up this weird black stuff. Smokey, Choo-Choo, Ghost, Velvet, and Marble were concerned but were unsure of what to do. One day, Smokey called a meeting to the remaining non sick soft ones. He said, " Fellow soft ones, It has come to my attention that many of our fellow kind are becoming ill. So, I hereby declare me leader to help stabilize my control and my wishes... I mean the interests of all of us." Everyone was outraged! Ghost, the quietest of the bunnies finally spoke, " Smokey! You can't be so inconsiderate to our fellow soft ones! They have done so much for us!" But then Ghost realized something. Smokey was in league with the robots! Ghost was sure especially when she saw the evil and greed that was in Smokey's eyes for a very long time. All of a sudden, they heard a roar fill the prairie! Everyone turned to see Autumn sprinting, not running, sprinting! "Autumn?!?!?" everyone asked except for Smokey was laughing the most menacing laugh any of the bunnies have ever heard. " Mwahahaha you stupid fools! You will be stuck as being my slaves being controlled by my... ZOMBIE BUNNIES!" Choo-Choo was furious! He charged up to wear Smokey was standing, picked him up(since he was the strongest) and threw him all the way over to Autumn, who immediately began to eat Smokey! Screams began to fill the air as everyone tried to escape from the other zombie bunnies popping up over the hill. TH\he zombie bunnies eventually caught up to Velvet and Marble first. The remaining bunnies hurried and hid in a dense spinach patch.Tears ran down their faces as they saw their family and friends eaten alive. The zombie bunnies began burning everything! Then, everything stood still. All was quiet except for the crackle of the flames. "Oh no!" whispered Ghost, " They must be looking for us!" The silence became eerie to Ghost and Choo-Choo until... Choo-Choo disappeared. Ghost searched the clearing until she saw her fellow soft one being dragged. " Choo!" Ghost cried, "NO!" Ghost tried to tune out the screams of her good friend. Then all became silent. Ghost was concerned and afraid that zombies had found her until something cold grabbed her fur. " AAAHHH!!!" screamed Ghost. The last robot turned Ghost around and she saw that Y-17 was still alive. " Beep, I am sorry, beep." With a sigh, Y-17 died right in front of her Now, Ghost was the last normal, living thing. And forever, Ghost stayed in the destroyed prairie. The end.