The labeled Tables!!



Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters: Sam (new kid), Jim, Jamie, Matt, Ty, Sierra, Kelly, Corey, The preps, The jocks, The misfits, Tiffany, The other students, Kevin, Will, Jen (the bus driver), Carl, Amanda, John
  • What do they want? To separate the different types
  • Where are they going? to lunch
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop? They will get worse about discrimination
  • Plot Twists and Turns? They will be forced to sit in a new group
  • How will you lead up to the climax? a fight that causes multiple things to happen
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting? probably not but possibly
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story? I will do my best to

Mini saga

I walk into the lunch room, but as soon as I step in I notice what's different. All the groups are mixed! What happened when I was gone? Why is everyone sitting in places that they've never been? There was no longer sepperation! Everything's completely changed,or so I thought.

The labeled tables!!
Samantha Morris

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"Time to get ready for your first day at your new school!" I hear my mom say. My name is Sam, I just moved here to Montana from Nevada last week. Today I start at my new school; it seems odd to be starting at a new school, where I know no one, in the middle of the year. "Better hurry or you'll be late to the bus!" my mom hollers. "I'm coming!" I hurry into the kitchen and grab a granola bar to eat on my way to the bus stop. When I get there I notice that there are two people already standing there, but it was completely silent. A few minutes later the bus gets to our stop. When I step on the driver says, "You must be the new boy. Welcome, my name is Jen, what’s yours?” After I tell her my name she assigns me a seat number, and the seat was empty. When we get to the school I go straight to the office to have someone show me to my class and help me open my locker. The counselor had got Ty before I got to school to show me around because we have the same schedules. My first class was Math. Before she showed me to my seat she had me introduce myself to the class. In my next class, social studies, the teacher wanted me to do the same thing. I had two more classes before lunch, but I had no idea what was coming.

Well, its lunch time. We go outside before we eat to get some fresh air. When I got out there I noticed that there were a bunch of little groups. When one person would try to go be with another group they would get shunned. I didn't know what group I should be with so I sat alone, afraid that I would to be shunned. Within a couple minutes a group of guys came and invited me into their group. Just then, we were called in to go eat. After we started to sit down a couple other people showed up. When we all got settled I noticed that there were distinct groups at cretin tables. All the jocks sat at one table and over flowed onto the next, the preps sat at the table across from the jocks. The "misfits", who were all the kids who didn't fit into a distinct group sat together away from the jocks and preps. All the kids who wanted to be like the jocks or preps sat at one of the tables around them, then close to them were the people who all ways got in trouble. Then there was my group, we were a mixture of all the groups and so we didn't fit into any specific category. All the people at my table were, Ty, Will, Matt, Jamie, and Sierra. Every day after we would sit to gather and have fun.

So, I have been at this school for about a week now and everything was going great. Little did I know that my parents have already planed a trip! I have only been here for a week and now I'm leaving for three days!?! Why couldn't we have done this BEFORE I started school?!?

"Hey do you want to hangout this weekend?" Ty asks me. "Sorry, but I can't. I have to pack for a trip to see my cousin on Saturday and we leave Sunday.". "When will you be back?".”I will get home Wednesday night, and I will be back to school Thursday.".”Cool. Maybe we can hang out next weekend. See ya", "See ya.”

"Do you have all of your things your taking together?" my mom hollers to me. "Almost". I yell back as I put my favorite book in my back pack. As I gather all of my things I wonder what will happen at school that I will miss. I know I won't have makeup work because my teachers didn't want to overwhelm me on my second week of school. But, that's not what I'm worried about. I know it sounds weird, but I wonder if things will change during lunch. Once I have everything in my bag I go and put it in the car. By now it's 9:00 Saturday night.

Early this morning we all got in the car. My dad drove, my mom sat in the passenger seat, my older brother Carl sat behind my mom, and I sat behind my dad. We were on our way to Troy Montana by 8:00 this morning, but it is about a six hour drive from here in Great Falls. So, my brother and I try to entertain ourselves by reading a book, watching out the window, or sleeping. When we finally got there it was about 1:45 Sunday afternoon. My cousin Amanda was so excited to see me that she practically tackled me. She is two, twelve years younger than me, and fourteen years younger than Carl. My aunt and uncle were happy to see us after about a year of separation. The trip seemed to go by a lot faster than I thought it would. We got back about 9:30 Wednesday night. I was excited for school the next day, but little did I know everything would be different.

Today started like any other day, my mom woke me up, I hurried and took a shower, got something quick to eat , and I was off to the bus stop. When I got to school something seemed different, I couldn't figure it out until it came to lunch. I walk into the lunch room, but as soon as I step in I notice what's different. All the groups were mixed! What happened when I was gone? Why is everyone sitting in places that they've never been? There was no longer separation! Everything's completely changed, or so I thought. It was silent as soon as they noticed me, and someone said "What group were you assigned to?". I had no clue what they were talking about, and just then one of our teachers came in and told me to go sit at John's table. John was one of the jocks, but he was different from the rest. He was one of the very few of them who showed respect to people in other groups. It turns out that for one week the teachers wanted us to be around people we didn't really ever talk to. It started just yesterday so things will be like this for a little while now.

There was a lot of arguing today, some of the people who thought that they were better than all the others kept saying "This is not right, we shouldn't have to do this.". In the end a couple preps and jocks took control of our group and came up with our motto "All people are equal, but some people are more equal then others.". A lot of the others just went along with it, none of us saw the point in fighting with them.

It’s Friday and when we went outside to get into out groups the unexpected happened. Two people from another group got in a fist fight over who got to control the group, when another person in their group just got everyone’s vote that they would be the group’s leader. After the boys got pulled apart they were sent to different groups. When we went in to eat my group separated into smaller groups, and so did a few other groups. It worked out alright, except I was basically on my own, no one from my past group are with my now. The people who thought that they ran the group took from the others, but none of them fought back because they didn't want to feel miserable until next Wednesday.

The weekend has come and gone, it’s now Monday and I was NOT looking forward to lunch. Each group was now assigned an adult supervisor because there were too many fights. They were getting so tired of separating people that they decided to end this a little early. We finish lunch and go to our next class not knowing what to expect for the next day. Tuesday was a little better because we got to be with our original groups, but the preps and jocks decided that they were going to control the lunchroom. John didn't feel that what they were doing was right so he told them that he was going to come ans sit with us so they then told him that if he leaves today he wouldn't be able to go back to their group. So he got up and came and sat with us.

The power got to the jocks' and preps' heads, so they kept trying to get us to do things for them, give things to them, and let them do whatever they wanted to do. You see, we don't have adults in the lunch room usually so the jocks and preps took over entirely. They would threaten us that if we didn't give them some of our food that we paid for the teachers would come and they would no longer have freedom. No one wanted to have the teachers come back, we all felt like we had more freedom without them. This went on for many weeks, they always came up with a different reason why we should do something and they shouldn't.

No one would do anything to try to get out of this situation, because everyone was afraid that something would happen to them. But one day a boy named Corey stood up to them, he was tired of them stepping all over us. After he stood up to them, they treated him worse than anyone else. They would take his whole lunch, they would make him be their slave, and if he didn't do what they told him to do they would find some way to torture him. One day, I saw him sitting alone at a table so I went and sat next to him. He didn't have a lunch because the jocks and preps took it, so I shared mine with him. Ever science that day we have been friends.

Today, Ty, Corey, Will, Jamie, Matt, Sierra, and I are all getting to gether after school to try to come up with a plan to try to get lunch back to the way it was when I first moved here. One of our ideas was that one of us would come in a little late and we would bring one of our teachers with us so that they would see what has been happening. The others were much more complicated so we just went with the first one. I volunteered to be the one who comes in late with a teacher, and everyone else would keep the preps and jocks doing what they are doing. We then decide to do it tomorrow which is Thursday.

Today I stayed with my science teacher and asked her if she could come with me to the lunch room. When we got down there we heard a bunch of noise coming from in the lunch room. By the time we get there we notice that there was a large fight going on between Jim, Kelly, Tiffany, and Kevin. It was a fight between a jock and prep, Kevin and Tiffany, and two students from other groups, Jim and Kelly. Because of this fight everyone who saw it was interviewed and almost everyone told the teachers what has been going on weeks before the fight.

After that, the preps and jocks had specific guide lines that they had to follow. We also had to have at least two adults in the lunchroom at all times that we were in there. But having teachers in there with us didn't turn out like we thought it would. Everyone was separated more then we used to be, but it helped keep us from fighting, and there wasn't any specific group who controlled all the rest. The fight also caused the people involved and the people encouraging it to get detention for two weeks at least. In the end we were separated more now than ever. But no one tried to take control of the lunchroom again. At least not this semester, but that is a whole nother story.

The End!!