( In The Future)
In this crazy world many people don’t like eachother but some do… just like Liz and Fred , Fred loves Liz but Liz HATES Fred. What will happen to them? But Bob hates people or does he? What will happen to them all when they have to make a movie?

In the future
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filming the movie
jumping out of a plane over turkey

In the future a girl named Liz will be very successful and have an orphaned girl living with her and her name will be Ginger. Ginger’s parents died in a terrible accident, so her moms friend Liz took her. When Ginger’s parents died she was only six years old, now she is ten. Liz has been thinking about going to a different country to feed the hungry children. Liz loves children as long as they don’t have hair so she made Ginger shave her head ( but Ginger is too smart so she just went and bought a bald cap). In the meantime Liz has this guy who loves her but she can’t stand him. Even though he is going to be a movie star one day and be rich and famous she still doesn’t like him. So one morning when Liz and Ginger were packing all there things to go to a different country ( they decided on Turkey)Fred came by and asked if they would go to L.A with him and live with him while he was getting his movie carrer started. But since there is a guy on the loose and they can’t fly the short way to L.A because they don’t want the guy to jump out of the plane over the Rockey Mountains and never be able to find him she thought to herself “ hmm we would have to fly over turkey and it would be a free trip and we could ship our bags there we could just wear parachutes and jump out when we get over Turkey” so she said YES.


Chester hates people and just wants to be in his house and own all the animals he can and act like one because his belief is that “four legs good, two legs bad”. But since he doesn’t like people, he doesn’t leave his house he cant buy animals which is sad because he really wants animals.

He already walks on his hand and legs and eats and drinks from bowls on the floor. Bob tries to help him but Chester just won’t let him, so Bob has to decided to travel to Texas for all there food eating contest because he LOVES food so much.


On the way to California Liz and Ginger jumped out of the Plane to feed the hungry children in Turkey. They are going to feed the children turkey for lunch and roasts for dinner and then eggs and bacon for breakfast. Meanwhile Fred is on the plane looking all over for them and then finds out what happened and is very sad. So when he gets to L.A he gets a job offer to be in a movie about what living in his home town and he says yes to it. They also called Bob, Chester, Liz and since Ginger lives with Liz she gets to be in it too. Now that that they are all in a movie together Bob starts to like people.He buys a mansion and invites everyone to live with him. Liz is still not liking Fred but they talk more than they have ever talked before and Fred is still trying to get Liz to like him. As it turns out Ginger’s parents didn’t really die. They were just kidnapped and escaped to find there daughter to see how she is doing . So Ginger went to live with her parents and takes off her bald cap. She also visits Liz often and Liz has decided to like kids with hair so she adopts a child that is 6 months old .The baby is a little girl who loves to make weird noises. After the movie everybody makes a lot of money , to be exact they all earned 5 million dollars since the movie was so good and everybody watched it. Liz has decided to move to Turkey and have somebody build her a mansion so that she can have like a soup/ other foods kitchen for all the people who need food and can’t afford it. She also makes clothing for all the kids and give out school supplies so they can learn. She is also starting a foundation for the hungry that has made 2 million dollars in one week. Now that Chester likes people he is going to college to be a veterinarian. Fred is still in the movie business but he's not very good at it so he doesn’t get paid to much. Bob is going to travel all around the world to go to there food contest, but surprisingly he is actually very thin for how much food he eats. They have all started a new life to have fun with and be successful.



Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters:
  • Bob: he loves to eat
  • Fred: he is a fun, hipper person who is fun to be around
  • Chester:he is a sad lonely person who is scared to be around people
  • Ginger: she is a 10 year old girl who lives with Liz because her parents passed away a few years ago
  • Liz: she is a very funny person that is very smart and loves kids(I quote " as long as they don't have hair") and she is 26, and made Ginger shave her head and be homeschool

  • What do they want?
  • Bob:wants to be in as many food contests as he can so he can eat as much as he wants
  • Fred: wants to be a comedy star and bring Liz with him to L.A
  • Chester:wants to have as many pets as possible since he doesnt like people
  • Ginger: want Liz to let her grow her hair out so she can go to real school and not get mad fun of
  • Liz: wants to move to a different country to help all the starving children in the world

  • Where are they going?
  • Bob is going to Texas because he heard there is more food contest there
  • Fred is going to go to Liz's home before she leave to see if she will go with him , then hes going to L.A
  • Chester: hes going no where
  • Ginger is going with Liz to different country
  • Liz is going to Turkey to feed all the children some Turkey
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
  • My story willl develope by me making things up that i think sound good and all my characters once lived in the some town and get asked to do a movie about how it was like to live there

  • Plot Twists and Turns?
  • Liz says yes to Fred but wears a parachute on the plane and jumps out when the get over Turkey because the plane had to go the long way to get to LA because there was a problem with flying over the Rocky Mountains because there was a person on the loose and they didnt want them to jump out of a plane and get lost in the Rocky Mountains if they took a plane to escape then at the end it turns out that Chester really did like people and became a people person and moved into a mansion. but Bob plots to go see Liz in Turkey and steal all her turkeys.Then it turns out that Gingers Parents didnt really die and she goes to live with them and she was just wearing a bald cap this whole time

  • How will you lead up to the climax?
  • I will lead up to it by making everybody come together in the movie and like each other and then Liz will like kids with hair and fred will not like Liz anymore and Bob will stop eating so much and chester will invite everybody to live in his mansion with him and Ginger will live with her parents
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?

  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
Mini Saga

In this crazy world many people don’t like eachother but some do… just like Liz and Fred , Fred loves Liz ,but Liz HATES Fred. What will happen to them? But Bob hates people or does he? What will happen to them all when they have to make a movie?

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