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Matthew Harris

Jedi Mr.A
Jedi Mr.A

Jedi Ewok
Jedi Ewok

Long, Long ago in a galaxy(Mr.A's 5th period Jedi class) not far from the intergalactic waste station(the bathroom) was the most craziest, smelliest 5th period Jedi class that 5th period Jedi classes have ever seen. There were animals, smelly animals unlike any other - some tall and skinny, some short and, well, you get the picture. They were very nutty indeed. Someone needed to set them in line so they (the people some were in the"galaxy"that I just made up) called the 4 coolest Jedi ever. They were Jedi Mr.A, Jedi Matt, Jedi Bri.o%h7$*(Brion), and Jedi Ewok. It was them VS the Jedi class. The Jedi class had J%ck, Loz, Emoly, Samantho, Yo$hiko, Morgon, and Jordon. But lets go back to the beginning.
It was nice and cool in the little hut the 4 Jedi had gathered in. They were discussing a matter of Jedi training classes that had started some time in September. Some of the classes weren't going so well like Jedi Mr.A's 5th period class that consisted of 7 kids - Loz, Emoly, Samantho, Yo$hiko, Morgon, Jordon, and J%ck.

"They are very nutty, physical and sometimes skip class," said Jedi master Mr.A.

"Oh ya," said Jedi Brion, "My class is learning my name Bri.o%h7$*. Try saying that! Very little can!"

The next morning, they went to the academy bright and early except the only difference was that they all went to room 218 where Jedi Master Mr.A taught his bad 5th period class. They were going in. They didn't know what was about to hit them. All of a sudden, it was dark - a little too dark. He felt a disturbance in his belly full of grilled cheese. He had no idea what was about to happen. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang! One of the clumsier ones knocked into a light post. The awesome Jedi Mr.A jumped like a cat and landed right on the tall and skinny boy. Every one screamed, "AHHHHHHHHH!" including all the Jedi. The Jedi ran from the room as fast as they could. Next time they would meet, they would be playing hardball.

Before all the Jedi could leave the room, Jedi Ewok saw a note that he quickly took with him. After all, he was an Ewok and Ewoks are curious. As soon as all the Jedi got back to the hut, they started arguing about whether or not they better play hard or not. Some were saying they should try to council with the kids. Others were saying an all out raid would be necessary. They (unfortunally for others) picked negotiating with the kids.
The next morning they went down to breakfast which wasn't exactly the best, but was something. During dinner, they discussed the note that the little Jedi Ewok had found the night earlier. It read: "All Jedi are made equal, but some Jedi are made more equal than others." None of them could make any sense of this, so they dismissed it. They all went to room 218.

The kids were standing on chairs, yelling, throwing paper airplanes, etc.etc.etc. It was total chaos. Jedi Mr.A yelled at them using the Force to project his voice over the vast room. No one knew the dimensions of the room, but they knew it was enormous. They saw the other Jedi and quieted down.

"We all know that this class has been extremely crazy and annoying,"said Mr.A. "We all need to work on this. And no, J%ck, not work on being crazy and annoying."

"Awwww mannnnn,"said J%ck.
"Why don't we get any fun?" all the smelly students asked.

Jedi Matt thought it was crazy that ALL the kids smelled so bad, even the girls. At that moment, Mr.A went bezerk! He brought out his slapper-mc-tickler and began to tickle all the kids in the room. The machine actually smelled good compared to all the smelly kids. It smelled of lemonade on a hot summer day. Then he ran, ran for his life as if there would be no tomorrow. Of course all the rest of the Jedi did, too. Sadly, Jedi Ewok tripped and was grabbed by the students and was never seen again. The Jedi took the next day off and mourned for their lost comrade.

The next few days didn't go so well. They hired private tutors to hopefully bring the kids around. It didn't go well at all. In fact, it seemed as if it were getting worse and worse. But finally, after days and days of counselling, it looked sunny. One of the kids, Yo$hiko, said she had had enough of all the craziness and went to join Jedi Master Mr.A in room 217 to be away from the bad influences. About maybe one hour later in the hot misty classroom, J%ck had just about enough as well. He could not stand it! He left, too, but joined Jedi Bri.o%h7$*(and soon after became one of the best at saying and spelling his name).

"It is a great day today, comrades. Why don't we take a walk in the park?" said the president of the academy to his new friends, J%ck and Yo$hiko.

"Can we, sir?" they asked their teachers in unison.

"All right. If you're careful," their teachers said back.

"So," their academy president said after they had walked at least 20 minutes. "How's the academy now that you're not so crazy?"

"Great, really! I have focused my powers on the Force better and made a lot more friends like you, Mr.President,"said J%ck.

The old man chuckled, "HA HA HA HA! Very kind of you, young J%ck. How about you Yo$hiko?"

"Excellent! Very well, sir. I am very well enjoying myself. I just wish everyone else would stop being so thick-headed, come out of that musty room, and live for once!"

The next day, classes went on as usual, but no one was in room 218 except for the kids who still hadn't come back from the"Dark Side". Morgon and Jordon finally stopped being so thick-headed and went to join their true friends. That left just Loz,Samantho,and Emoly. The Jedi had reason to believe Loz was behind all of this and had been telling lies to everyone in room 218. The lies went anywhere from saying they didn't belong with the Jedi to "Loz is always right". These, of course, were lies and propoganda, which the academy would not stand for.

Loz was thinking to herself one day as she sat in the hot, sweaty and most of all empty room 218, "The academy has made itself clear enough. They didn't like the treatment one bit and would not stand for it." That moment she got up, stood in front of her two loyal followers, and said she had enough, too. She said it was cool while it lasted and that she was going to leave and join everyone else and give up. She said her buddies, Samantho and Emoly should do the same. The following weeks, months, and years all of the students did absolutely wonderfully. They all went on to become Jedi knights and protect the galaxy.

The End

Matthew Harris
"Spell Checked" By Holly(Mom)

My Mini Saga
It was dark. A little too dark. He felt a disturbance in his belly full of grilled cheese.He had no idea what was about to happen.All of a sudden there was a loud bang.One of the clumsier ones knocked into a light post.The awesome Jedi Mr.A................

-My characters are Jedi master Agamenoni and the semi awesome Jedi Matt.
-They want supreme power over the 5th Period ECS class.
-They were going to go to tattoine but decided to stay in the 5th period class.

-I don,t know yet.
-I don,t know yet.
-I don,t know yet.

-NO it will be totally different!!!
-I don,t know?

-Quote:all animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others.
(tweaked to:all Jedi are equal but some Jedi are more equal than others.)


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