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Based on Class Stratification
Add a quote from the book.


Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters:
Alfredo- the poor man who wears hobo clothes and only has one ear, he is tall and strong, but stubborn
Lina- the poor lady who wants to be rich, a short, chubby women who has short black hair and blue eyes
Elena- the poor lady who is smart and outsmarts everyone else including the higher society, she has long curly brown-blonde hair and vibrant green eyes
Ray- the rich man who falls in love with Elena, he is tall and has short black hair and brown eyes
cindy- the rich women, who keeps Ray in line to be in the high society, with blonde hair and brown eyes
  • What do they want?
Elena wants everyone to be equal on the outside, but deep down she just wants to be in the higher society
Alfredo wants to live his life just how it is
Lina wants to be in the high society, but no one ever listens to her and cuts her off
Ray want to be with Elena, but Elena won't give him a time of the day
Cindy wants to be with Ray, but Ray ignores her and Cindy tries to keep everyone else out of the high society that doesn't belong
  • Setting:
It is 1988 and they are living on a planet named Emsaliia
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
Elena uses her brain to get into the high society and tries to take it over
Ray helps Elena into the high society
Cindy is always planning ways to get inbetween Elena and Ray
Alfredo helps Elena come up with ideas to take over
Lina is a 'bodyguard' for Elena
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
Every society will end up with a higher and lower class, even if it does stay equal for alittle
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
using my plot
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
It will end with a higher and lower society just like in the beginning
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
-they will go back and remember some things they did in the past and use that to keep it the higher and lower society
  • Quote
  • "Tactics, comrades,tactics!"
Mini Saga

A long time ago, everyone was happy and merry together, until Mr. Alrfedo decided he was going to be better most people. He plotted against his people, until one day, his decision became true. The people were divided into two groups, the SPIRS ,low society, and the VIVAC, high society.

Title Goes Here
By: Liz Rudy

Building they are in
Building they are in


A long time ago, everyone was happy and merry together. They would play and talk and dance, even sing! Until Mr. Alfredo decided he was going to be better than everyone. He began to plot how to get more people like him to go against the low, boring people of Emsaliia. Finally after a big discussion in the Planet Meeting of Emsaliia, Mr. Alfredo got what he wanted, like he always does. He had the people in the town who were low ranked wear a name tag, that included his or her name, and the big, fat, ugly word SPIRS (low society). They were to wear this at all times when they were out in public. The VIVAC (high society) society got to wear whatever they wanted and would wear ribbons that were braided in their hair, including the men. This is how the society began, and it will always be like this.

“What a wonderful town! We all get along and-“
“Cut!” Cindy yelled to Ray who was trying to get his speech together for the annual Planet Meeting of Emsaliia.
“What was wrong with it?” Ray frowned.
“We don’t all get along. It’s not the 1950’s anymore. This is 1988! We rule this planet, the SPIRS don’t, we don’t all get along.” Cindy produced.
Ray sighed, “So you want me to go into this meeting, as the leader of this town, and tell everyone they aren’t worth anything. That all the SPIRS are stupid and boring? What kind of leader do you think I am? Cindy, this is called propaganda, the real world. We have to look good for everyone to believe in us.”
Cindy frowned, “I just don’t like the idea of the SPIRS thinking they will be equal to us.”
Ray walked out of the room and left Cindy standing there, talking to herself. Cindy was rich, and elegant compared to most of the women on the planet. She always wears silk dresses and has blonde hair. Her brown eyes could make anyone come with her and follow her. She had that kind of power over all the men, and some of the women who were jealous too. Ray however, really did want the planet to be somewhat equal, he didn’t like the way Cindy talked about the VIVACS, it wasn’t right. However, he did what his father would have wanted, to keep it the same as he did, and stay with the HIGHS and not believe a word any SPIR said.
Outside in the corridor, Ray ran into Elena, a SPIRS. Ray smiled at her and then kept on walking.
“Wait, Ray!” Elena called after him, her long, curly, dirty blonde hair swung over her shoulder.
Ray turned around, “Yes, Elena?”
“I was wondering…” Elena walked closer to him, “why there were signs up all around the city saying that the SPIRS were going to be executed.”
“Excuse me?” Ray thought he misheard.
“You heard me correctly.” Elena sharply spoke back to him as if she were a VIVAC just like him.
“I have no clue why. I’ll get someone on the job right away.”
“You won’t need someone too, it’s already been done, I took care of it. Like you would just assign any other SPIRS like me to do the job.”
“Elena,” Ray tried to stop her from walking away, back outside but she escaped his grasp, so he yelled, “YOU WON’T BE GETTING EXCUTED, YOU HAVE MY WORD ON THAT!”
Elena turned slightly towards him and raised an eyebrow, “I know, but I think you should look into who would put those awful signs up.”
Ray turned back to the office he had come out of and sighed.
“Got a lot on your mind?” Cindy smiled at him.
Ray silently groaned, “Cindy, could I just have some time to myself.”
Cindy took a step back, “Oh…Well of course, Ray. I’ll see you later.” Cindy waggled her fingers at Ray before she left the office.
Ray leaned back in his green oval chair that swiveled and looked around. The walls were neon green and sparkly, from the previous leader, who was his sister. Ray still hadn’t had time to change the color of the walls, and he didn’t want to ask a SPIRS to do it for him, it just wasn’t right. However, he rubbed his chin, I am in charge, and I am doing most of the work, it would only be fair if someone else could paint the walls for me.
Ray stood up and walked out of the office again. He walked down to his secretary’s room (who was a SPIRS) and opened the door,
“Lina, I need you to find someone that will paint my walls in my office, tell the person, beige with some cream on the outside, they’ll know what that means.” Ray instructed.
“Of course, sir.” Lina brushed her short black hair down and her blue eyes sparkled, to her, getting a deed done for Ray would be like getting the chance to be a VIVAC. It was all she ever wanted, and she wasn’t afraid to show it.
Ray was just about to walk out of the room when he remembered, “And Lina, if you could call Elena to my office, she was just here a few minutes ago.”
“Elena? Is she a-“
“She’s a SPIRS.” Ray confirmed.
“Alright, I’ll have her in a heartbeat and the painter in soon too.”
Ray smiled, “Thank you Lina.”'

A few hours later, Elena walked into Ray’s office. Ray looked up from his paperwork and smiled, “Ah, Elena, please, sit down.”
“I only have a thirty minutes.” Elena announced as she took a seat.
"Plenty of time..." Ray said through tight lips, he did not like a SPIRS telling him how much time he had, however she was pretty, "So, that person who hung those posters, we found them."
"Them? So it was a group?" Elena asked, looking at a poster of Mr. Alfredo behind Ray's desk.
"Elena, time to tell the truth, you can tell me the truth, or I can tell you what I know for a fact."
"Well," Elena sighed, "do you have any proof? I'd like to see if I got caught."
"So you admit reporting the accident and being the person who did the crime?"
Elena flashed her white teeth and Ray thought to himself, "Why can't she be a VIVAC?"
Ray snapped out of it, "Elena, answer the question."
Elena closed her smile, "Fine, I was the one who did both of those things. Now what is my punishment?"
Ray blinked, "Uh, nothing. I mean, you can help paint this room."
"Yeah, you know, that stuff that colors the walls."
Elena squinted her eyes, "You want me to paint? I am a florist, not a painter."
"Okay, fine. You don't have to paint, but you could volunteer at a local homeless facility."
"I'll do that on one condition."
"What is that condition?"
"I want something." Elena faintly smiled.
Ray looked up at the ceiling and asked, "What, Elena, is it that you want?"
`"To be a VIVAC. I want to be able to be free of this title that I have to wear every day, I want to wear a beautiful silk ribbon braided in my hair every day, I don't want to be on the bottom anymore."
"Why would I let you become a VIVAC, when you just committed a crime?" Ray raised his voice.
"Who said that putting up posters in the planet is a crime?" Elena opened her eyes really big.
"I did, and I'm the leader of this planet." Ray said getting up from his chair.
Elena also stood up and leaned over his desk, "You will let me become a VIVAC, you know why?"
"Because I'm the only one who can come up with a good enough speech for you to read at the Planet Meeting of Emsaliia."
Ray stared at Elena and then slumped back into his chair, he knew Elena was the only one who could have a great speech written, because she was the one who wrote it last year, and the year before that, and probably the past five to ten years.
"Fine." Ray barely said loud enough for Elena to hear.
Elena leaned forward again, "What was that Ray?"
Ray cleared his throat, "I said, I would let you become a VIVAC, at the Planet Meeting of Emsaliia tonight. I need the speech by five, in my office, no later."
Elena smiled and walked to the door, before she exited she turned to Ray, "No problem, I'll see you soon."
Thirty minutes later Elena met with two of her friends, Alfredo and Lina. Lina sat in her chair, her chunky belly hanging out. Alfredo smelled of sweat and coal, from working in the mine.
"Hey, guys." Elena announced as she strolled in.
Lina sat up in her chair and smoothed her hair, "Did I cover for you fine at the office?"
"Of course, I have some good news." Elena turned towards Alfredo, a very poor friend of hers who only had one ear, for the other was ran over in te mine, and he was wearing big flanel pants and a white tee that was covered in black marks.
"What is it?" He asked in his rusty voice.
"I'm becoming a VIVAC...on one term."
"What is that term?"
"I have to write his speech again, easy." Elena slowly digested.
"Oh!" Lina jumped out of her seat and clapped, "I'm so proud of you, how did you do it?"
Elena smiled, "Tactics, comrades, tactics!"
As the group split apart, Alfredo stayed behind for a little and rested, he shook his head. Elena was getting herself into something she didn't want, only she didn't know. He was the great grandson of Mr. Alfredo, his father had told him when he was a leader, to give up the spot, so he gave it to a friend at the time, Ray. Ray was already a VIVAC, but to be a leader, was what he always wanted. At first Alfredo stayed with the VIVAC but slowly he grew apart from them, only to watch out for Elena and Lina. However, he couldn't keep either one of them from wanting to be a VIVAC, but now, Elena was already turned into one, well at least she seemed like it. Lina, on the other hand, could still be turned around.
Later that night, at the Planet Meeting of Emsaliia Ray stepped up to the microphone, and everyone quieted down, except for a few young rowdy SPIRS in the back. Ray cleared his throat, looked down at the speech Elena had written, and began, "Ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls, SPIRS and VIVAC, thank you for coming to the annual Planet Meeting of Emsaliia. For the next few months, we will be trying something new. An idea that will hopefully help change this planet around from what it is today. We shall no longer have SPIRS or VIVAC societies, we should all be equal, because we were all made equal. We all have eyes, a nose, a mouth, and most importantly, a heart and brain. Together we can use our brain to be equal, we will share ideas, and we will listen to others. Although I will still be the leader of Emsaliia, I will be more open to the communities and we will no longer have to live in separate sides of the town." Ray paused and looked around, so far so good, Ray turned his head a little more, smiling, and saw Cindy, glaring at him. Ray ignored it and continues, "So, who is ready for this new challenge?" Ray didn't give them time to answer, but some people still did so Ray yelled out the next part, "WE WILL BE EQUAL FROM NOW ON!"
Ray stepped back from the podium and it was silent for a second, then a big commotion started and all the SPIRS ripped off their titles and the VIVACS clapped slowly. Some people were stunned, others were surprised, and the rest, well they were angry.
Five years later Elena walked into the office where her husband sat and smiled, "Hello, Ray."
Ray looked up and smiled back, "Do you think everyone will buy the news?"
"Well, it was a propaganda, no one will tell the difference between the truth and not."
"Don't you think some people will figure out or be smart enough to know what's really going on?" Ray scrunched his eyebrows together in concern.
"No, they are used to following. They always will be, that is why they were SPIRS in the first place." Elena concluded. Then Elena smiled again, "The title goes here." And she tapped her head.