The Wrath of the Jungle
By:Kati Michelotti

Kigha and Jilt eating a banana
Kigha and Jilt eating a banana
Ruhba the hippo eating some grass
Ruhba the hippo eating some grass

It was a warm sunny morning in the colorful, creative jungle of Fuloop; home to the famous, Queen Thirleez. In this jungle everyone did an equal amount of work depending on their size and they all ate until they were full. In this quiet little kingdom there were many unique animals including hippos, toucans, and monkeys to be specific. Queen Thirleez wasn’t given anything from any animal that was less fortunate than her. Although, she lived in a pretty nice little tiki shack made especially for her and her daughter, Shirleez. All the while the other animals didn’t mind sleeping in the giant fluffy pink and yellow trees that grew in the Jungle of Fuloop. Nor did they mind eating the native fruits such as Bumble berries or Torkies instead of the usual banana and pineapple that Thirleez and Shirleez got for meals. But, Queen Thirleez shared the same amount of work that all the other animals did, and got the same portion of food just different kinds of food to choose from; after all she is the queen. In fact Thirleez’s husband and Shirleez’s dad had just died of old age, as Thirleez herself was getting quite aged.

One stormy day in this little village everyone was awake and working in the rain but they were not watched over by Queen Thirleez who had not been seen since the night before as she went to bed early. The animals thought maybe she was just sleeping in so they just kept on working, especially those who needed it such as Kigha and Jilt who were supporting their new bundle of joy, Werg. Ruhba the sassy hippo was being paid in fruit to watch baby Werg as his parents worked; Ruhba never did except the fruit as she just put it back in their storage unit. Honna and Milo the toucan couple suddenly came dashing over to the main field of work out of breathe and sobbing. Queen Thirleez had not woken up nor was she breathing or had a beating heart. The cold, gray weather had represented everyone’s feelings for the entire next week. The next week it was decided that the jungle shall crown princess Shirleez and make her Queen Shirleez. Almost instantly Shirleez forgot all about her mother and began changing rules to better suite her wants. She stated things such as that there will be a new person arriving soon, a ball python named Kiz who will make sure citizens do what is told of them.

Kigha and Jilt arrived home and thanked Ruhba who had already fed baby Werg dinner and prepared dinner for the monkeys. They lived in a little hut made of giant leaves and palm fonds which was constructed not too long ago by Jilt. As they were eating their bug casserole they heard a knock on the door coming from the strong knuckles of Feliz, the queen's loyal servant. They were told that their home would be destroyed so that they could be Shirleez her own personal spa. All the couple had worked for was going to be ruined so that the queen could have her way; the couple packed up all their items and were homeless by the next morning. Since all the animals in the jungle got along they all pitched in to build them a new little home while Kigha and Jilt were working while the queen was getting spa treatment. The next morning all animals were called to the kingdom for an announcement made by Queen Shirleez it went something like this, " Hello great animals of the jungle, I am here today to tell you about some of the new rules such as, 50% of the food you harvest goes to a storage bin so that if needed we won't starve in the winter. Also animals are no longer allowed to eat the Torkies since we are going on a low supply of them. Also, I feel like we are being watched so I will stop working and watch over the jungle while you faithful loyal animals get the work done to support everyone." To these animals Torkies are like cake, the best treat imaginable that was eatable to all of the animals and they are healthy. "Also, meet Kiz the new reinforcement around here.'' Out slithered a gigantic, muscular, green and brown ball python hissing with fangs the size of trucks.

The animals themselves later that night held a get together without the queen in which they discussed what was going on and how they thought it was unfair and sneaky what she was pulling. They didn't want an intervention in fear of Kiz and the mere fact that they thought that ruining evil Shirleez would be wrong to faithful Thirleez. The next morning while working Kigha heard a horrible scream, and the jungle went silent. When going to investigate Kigha found Honna and Milo the toucans being squeezed to death by the evil Kiz, Kigha could see Torky crumbs all over each of the fragile birds' beaks. When released the birds flew away as fast as their crumpled wings could take them and all animals including them immediately got back to work. Milo was trying to fly over a big bag of bananas for the queen when he fell to the ground because of his wing. Feliz rushed to him only to ream him out since some of the bananas got squished, Milo's response was, “I will work harder." He got up and flew quickly to the queen. Later in the night the animals agreed that Shirleez needed to be gotten out of the Jungle, and it was perfect that she was a heavy sleeper. The animals helped put Shirleez and Kiz in a big bag and then they were flown away out of the jungle by the toucans. In the starry night being flown high in the sky Shirleez woke up. Her sharp jagged teeth were screaming as she bit into Milos’s foot. The toucans were high in the sky but they couldn't risk anything so they dropped the bag that contained the large brown queen monkey and the python. They were positive that Shirleez could not find her way 30 miles back to the jungle nor could the python. Once the toucans arrived home they elected that Ruhba shall be the new ruler of the jungle. The fair and caring hippo that was always doing for others.

For the next two years everything was going good and everyone was clean fed and happy and. Until one day, Ruhba decided that as the ruler she deserves a little more, every month Ruhba got a little bit more, and a little bit more. Until, she was a bad as the old Queen Shirleez herself getting more that was taken away by others. By this time Kigha and Jilt's son Werg was still a mere baby but he was starting to cause trouble in the tribe. Stealing foods and ruining valuables until one day Ruhba declared he be sent to the new jail. Kigha and Jilt pleaded to keep him and that he would behave but Ruhba wouldn't hear of it. The next day Ruhba executed a baby snake for biting her, as she said if it isn't taught now then it will never learn. It was a cold winter in which lots of animals were hungry and they were working a lot more than usual. Everyone went to bed early one night because of the unexpected snow that had never been in the jungle before. Werg heard screaming and crying and smelled an awful smell throughout the night but only figured it was his imagination dreaming. Just until he awoke the next morning to find no noise coming from anywhere around his jail cell. He wondered if maybe everyone went down the creek to bathe; but then he saw a horrible sight out of the fresh hole in the wall of the cell. Red snow and what looked to be all the animals, including his parents and Ruhba. Out of the front of his cell he saw a skinny brown scruffy monkey with a skinny python next to her sitting on the famous iced over throne, with a banana in her hand.
The End

Mina Saga
In the crazy Jungle of Fuloop, there lived an evil queen who forced others to do the dirty work while she was pampered. 23
All the animals were furious and ready to rebel against this evil banana eating creature.15
Then, on the dark, gloomy, stormy night, justice took its rightful place.12

Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters:
  • Thirleez= Is Shirleez's mother, who is the original queen on the jungle, who was widowed not too long ago. A fair, loved ruler by all of the jungle.

  • Shirleez= The main Queen monkey of the the tiki tribe, she is brown and overweight from eating too many bananas. She is very persistent and always gets her way no matter what, as well as power loving

  • Feliz= Feliz is one of the main servant monkeys for the queen, he is brown and fuzzy and is very loyal to the queen since he isn't so bright and isn't too sure what's going on.

  • Liz= The tropical boa that acts as the consequence as doing things against the queen's thoughts or actions. Liz is a tenderhearted snake that only wants justice for the jungle so she squeezes bad animals, not to death, but just enough so that they won't do it again.

  • Honna (girl) & Milo (boy)= Are a toucan couple who are both very cunning and sharp, they know what is fair and what is wrong.

  • Ruhba= Is the female hippo who is not afraid to express her opinion and is definitely not scared of Liz or the consequence. She is a strong and proud independent women who will not be pushed around or told what to do.
  • Kigha (female) Jilt (male) Werg (baby boy)= A couple of monkeys and their new born baby struggling to make end meat, but they are very honest down to earth monkeys who respect Shirleez decisions and power.

  • What do they want?

  • All the animals just want to be happy, healthy, and treated fairly but Shirleez on the other hand wants to have overall power and wants to be the face of the Jungle. She wants everything her way and wants to be the most powerful ruler ever created.

  • Where are they going?
  • They are going to stay in the Jungle of Fuloop throughout the story, they might be in different places in the jungle such as the fort, creek, or tree nest.
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?

  • In the beginning everything will seem all fine and happy, then the queen dies and her evil daughter takes over. All the rest of the residents of the Jungle do what she says until things get out of control. The usually quiet animals turn into warriors when they battle the queen. They trust themselves, each other and everyone's own thoughts ideas and opinions.

  • Plot Twists and Turns?
  • The plot will be that the loyal animals are being manipulated into doing things that are wrong. You believe that when thing get super tough the animals will keep trudging along but they don't. The animals are smart so they start manipulating the manipulator and things get a little sketchy.

  • How will you lead up to the climax?
  • I will lead to the climax in the most striking way possible, it will seem like everything is going normal then all of a sudden it just springs out, giving no warning or question about it.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?

  • In the ending the readers will expect that after they overthrow Shirleez that the jungle will be a Utopia, but what they don't know is that another character will take over. The ending will be a little unfinished looking; you won't know what happens but you will really want to.

  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?

  • Foreshadowing will be limited, in some points readers will be able to clearly predict what is going on and some points the events will just seem to pop out of nowhere. This story will most likely be written in omniscient point of view but it may vary throughout the story.