The Hairdew



Mini saga
The tale of joey and his dog. It starts when nobody is sick. So joey decides he has to win it he has to win the hair competition. With the help of his friends. But it takes a turn. When trust isn't there. But somehow joey get what he needs.

Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters: Joey, Christy, Mike, and Nobody
  • What do they want? Fame and Money
  • Where are they going? they want to go to nationals
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
Christy becomes a hidden evil
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
the plot is Joey wants to save his dog Nobody twist christy steals the money
and mike takes the fame and credit an Joey gets nothing
  • How will you lead up to the climax? well be hid joeys back Christy
  • wants the money so she gets mike in on the deal and hell get all the fame
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
  • yes

The Hairdew

Kannon Davis
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The doctor said "he wont make it". Why I asked "your dog has a giant tumor in his brain". "How much will it cost" i said "12,000 dollars." I couldn't, believe it were was i going to get the money.The my phone buzzed and i was back to reality. I had to get back to my college hairdressing class. Riding my bike to class all what i could think about was my dog nobody he was a beautiful chocolate lab who has to live with my mom right now.

Sitting in class I was nervous always. I had to do my best and stay at the top of my class. The instructor came around and looked at the hair on the fake models. She told every a few ways to improve. She ways getting closer to my hands were sweaty i was scared she stopper looked at the hairdew her face didn't change but I could see it in her eyes she was impressed. then i relaxed then got scared again as soon as it had gone away the teacher wanted to see me after class.

There i was a Innocent young man about to here something that he didn't want to here. I kept thinking what did i do wrong. The the door opens there's the teacher with a big grin. She said " you my friend you have done the best hairdews I've ever seen even better then my own". I pause with a disturbed look on my face thinking she thinks my work is great even better then her own but why does she tell this to me now. The i said 'but why is this important because I think you should enter the hairlimpics" "what in the world is that" i blurted out. The teacher looked at me with a funny look and said "you don't know what that is" with a puzzled look i said " ya so what is it. the teacher said its a competition with round and the grand prize is 15,000 dollars. looked at her with my mouth wide open stood up and yelled CURE!!!

Later that day i researched the hairlimpics and found out your team needed three people a dresser a sectary and a model. So i thought of course i was a dresser and i knew who i wanted to be the sectary. But how am i going to find a model. In thought I rode my bike over to mikes house. When i got there mike was mowing his front lawn listening to his ipod but he had not seen me yet. So I walk up to him and touch him on the back he swings around and nearly hits me. Then he got a grin on his face and smiled, he took the ear buds out of his ear and said "hi, Whats up". So i told him the entire thing about the hairlimpics and how i wanted him to be my secretary. He agreed on the spot but then i asked to you know were we could find a model he said "ya" my mouth dropped and i said "were". " My sister took a career for modeling, how old is she he said 25" so i said "does she have long hair" he said "yes". Looked at him and said "thank you".

With a team i knew that i was going to win. So i sighed up and decided for round one i was going to do a simple but elegant design. Then Christy the model shoes up at the competition. and says "I'm ready" so i get ready and start the design. finally after an hour and a half i finished. The look had long poofy bangs with slight curls in the back with larded sides. The finally Mike shows up and says "as sectary what do i do" I said "you announce who i am then present the model". Then the inter com announced time to see who makes it past round 1 of the 5 rounds. Then it said we were up first so the model and mike leave. As soon as the leave and i start sweating and hoping that we make it past round. Soon they come back and say we have to wait for every body to get done. so after about an hour the announce the 20 people who moving on were the third name called. so exited an idea for the next hair cut pops in my head.

The next two rounds i use almost the exact same haircut. It mas a no poof bangs with a curl top and a strait back look. I knew it was going to very with only five people left. So i know my next hairdew had to be completely crazy awesome. So i started with out an idea in the wold what i was going to do. So i start free forming it then it hit me this entire competition i haven't done my normal thing i love to lair bangs. So i did i larded the bags sleeked the sides and curled the top and back with only 20 minutes. I was so exited when the called us first. They left and I was nervous and scared all i could think about is my dog nobody. Finally the judges decided the final three after an half an hour. We were in the final three, i knew what the next hairdew was waves so i did waves across the entire hairdew so i did, and got into the final two. and did wavy bangs curly top strait back and wavy sides. It was intense we both went up at the same time we won!!!

So i claimed the money and the press went crazy. I went home that night and told my dog you'll be fine. I went to bed happy and woke up angry. In the news paper mike and Christy took all the credit. in the paper it said winner of hairlimpics doesn't deserve prize. then on the said it said mike was the brains and i was a user. i through the news paper in the air tip over the table and yelled at the sky. I was sweating at the end of my rampage i was so angry i could do something bad. Then i stood up walked out the door and went to the newspaper and told them that is not true. They said how can you prove it.

I said ill remove my kidney. So i went to the doctors and got it removed. later mike and Christy were arrested for froud. In the end nobody got his treatment. and i had enough left over to get my kidney back.

The End