Chippy and Jorge


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Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters:
Jorge is a giant who wears togas and cuts his black hair into a crew cut, and lives in a mystical world with talking trees, shrubs, and chipmunks. Chippy is the smartest chipmunk, and has many friend chipmunks and shrubs who support him. They all live in utopia, and are all equal.
  • What do they want?
Jorge is the biggest and most powerful being there, so he wants to control everything, but he knows he can't just take control, he must be subtle. The other creatures just want it to stay the way it is.
  • Where are they going?
Jorge will start to take control of the forest and become a tyrant. The utopia will be no more, and the trees will be with jorge, but the shrubs and chipmunks will be like slaves.
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
Jorge will be nice at first, and he has a friend, a tree, named Redwood, who does his bidding. the shrubs and chipmunks aren't intelligent, but they do work hard.
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
It is a utopia for a while throughout the story, with Jorge heroically saving Redwood from a saw, even though there were no witnesses around to view the event, gaining Jorge respect. He then makes up several other tales of heroics about him saving some other chipmunks from predators, even when the chipmunks can't always seem to remember the incident.
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
I will have Jorge declare himself dictator of the land, and the biggest, toughest trees supporting him, and the chipmunks, shrubs, and some other trees will rise against him and drive Jorge and the bad trees out of the land.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
The ending will not be what they are expecting because I will make it seem that Jorge will take over the forest, when actually he is driven out of it.
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
I will foreshadow and make it seem so that Jorge will take over, and then the plot thickens.
Chippy was running. Jorge was running after him with an appetite for vengeance. Shrubs and chipmunks were chasing Jorge as he chased Chippy. Then, the unexpected happened. Chippy came to the forbidden land, and stopped. Jorge tripped over the banana peel Chippy had left and fell into the forbidden land.

My rough draft-

Final Draft
Chippy and Jorge
By Dan Enseleit

chippy the chipmunk
chippy the chipmunk
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There was once a wonderful land called Forestasia. In Forestasia, there lived chipmunks, who had an unofficial leader named Chippy, shrubs, who could talk and make faces with the leaves on their branches, trees of all sorts, and a single giant named Jorge. Jorge was the largest, smartest (or so he thought), and meanest in the land. He wasn’t openly mean, for this was a Utopia, where everything was perfect and wonderful and there was no fighting. All who attempted to disturb the peace were exiled in shame. Jorge, however, knew how. Soon, he would be in control.
Chippy was walking happily along the path in the hills with his best friend, Chewy. They were playing I Spy, Chippy’s favorite game because he always won. “I spy something brown, white, and black with big front teeth,” He would say.
“Um, let’s see, could it be that hill over there?” Chewy would say. It went on like this for a while, and Chewy said, “Okay, what is it?”
“You!” Chippy would say, and then they burst out laughing.
You may be wondering why the chipmunks can talk. As you may have discovered, this is no ordinary place, with unordinary chipmunks. They would grow to the size of people, and could run on two legs and use a fork and knife, and even use a toilet, if they ever developed the technology. The shrubs were slow moving, as were the trees, because they had to use their roots like feet to travel. Both trees and shrubs were deathly afraid of fire.
One tree, named Redwood, who was very old and sneaky, knew what Jorge wanted. “I can help you get what you seek,” he said to Jorge in private, “I only ask one thing in return. I want power.”
“Very well,” he replied, “You shall have power, but you must help me devise a plan. We cannot take it by force. We must gain all the other’s respect first, and then strike when they least expect it.”
And so, the pair devised a cunning plan, involving many false words and actions.
The very next day, a community meeting was called by Redwood. "Fellow Forestasians," he said, "I call you here today to tell a tale of great heroics by Jorge the giant. Earlier this morning, I was walking through the hill path, when all of a sudden, I was struck by a bolt of lightning and set on fire. As you know, fire is among the deadliest, most feared things in this land. Jorge here, he saved my life by quickly finding me and dousing me with nice, cool water. Today, I proclaim him to be a hero of the highest class."
This speech made nearly every animal break into loud cheers for Jorge, all except for one. Chippy had been up early that morning as well, and he had seen Redwood laughing with Jorge, and knew that there had been no lightning storm. He also noticed, as he was the only one intelligent enough to do so, that Redwood had no scorch marks upon him. Chippy then walked away from all of them as the rest of the creatures threw Jorge a mighty feast. A wreath of laurels was quickly woven by some shrubs and placed upon Jorge's head.
Later that night, after everyone had gone to sleep, Jorge and Redwood went off to celebrate their victory and to outline their next evil scheme. Little did they know, though, that they were being followed by one Chippy the Chipmunk. He followed them to their lair and listened in on their entire conversation.
“Alright, faze one complete. Now we must think of another plan…” Jorge continued. They ended up coming up with a plan where Jorge rescued a chipmunk that had almost been captured by a creature which had come from the Forbidden Land. Now, the chipmunk would not remember this, they said, because he had been hit on the head and was suffering from amnesia.
“This plan will ensure our victory,” Redwood said.
Chippy finally had to speak. “What victory?” he shouted at them from his hiding spot.
“Who is there? We shall find you if you attempt to escape, you nasty eavesdropper. Do not run, give yourself up and you shall exit this world swiftly! If not, you should not be so lucky.” Jorge bellowed in the direction of where Chippy used to be. Now, the chipmunk was high-tailing it back to his tree, where he would pretend to be asleep.
The next day, while Redwood and Jorge were out trying to pull off their plot, Chippy called a meeting between the chipmunks and shrubs, not inviting any trees because he knew that they could not be trusted. “Fellows,” he began, “We have been monstrously deceived. Redwood the tree and Jorge the giant are planning to overthrow our peaceful world of Forestasia and make it their stomping ground and fortress. The story they told yesterday was false. I overheard their conversation on how they believe that we are all stupid and don’t know any better. They have also hatched another scenario today to fool you again and achieve your trust. I have not brought any trees here today because I believe that they are on the side of Jorge. We must exile them to the Forbidden Land when they come back.” Chippy felt bad for making that one small lie in there about how Jorge said they were all stupid, but it was necessary.
So, when Jorge came back, he searched for Chippy, knowing it was him that had heard the conversation. “Looking for me?” Chippy said to him, right behind his back. And so the chase began.
Chippy began running. Jorge was running after him with an appetite for chipmunk. More shrubs and chipmunks burst out from behind the hills and were chasing Jorge as he chased Chippy. Then, the unexpected happened. Chippy came to the edge of the forbidden land, and stopped. He had placed a banana peel at the edge of it, which Jorge promptly tripped on and fell outside of the boundaries and continued running away. Chippy then turned to Redwood, who stated, "Please, I had no part in this. He forced me into the plan! Please!" But, he was thrown into the Forbidden Land along with Jorge.
Later that night, all was right in Forestasians. The shrubs were throwing leaves everywhere, and the trees were stomping their roots, and the chipmunks hoisted Chippy onto their shoulders and celebrated him as the true hero.