The Quest
by: Tommy Croskrey
The castle
The castle

Geobata sat in his study in the giant castle, while sipping at a glass of lemonade, while there was a great commotion outside. A slave was getting beat up, it look like a slave from the war of the great that was between the two countries, Yerksorc and Liberty which were only separated by a couple miles of ruff and mountainous land called the land bridge. Haggai was the big oath beating up the poor slave, Haggai was a bully and very stupid. But Geobata felt sorry for the slave because of what he had gone through. Then Geobata stupidly ran down the marble stairs of the castle. After he got to the bottom of the castle, he blasted through the door. Then Geobata started to run toward the fight. Geobata was very smart, but he can be very stupid at times. He walks up to Haggai the strong and tall oath and yelled, “Stop it". Then the big giant turned around a smack Geobata right in the face, he shouldn't of did that. Geobata then called for the castle guard, “Guards” he said, “take this oath to the dungeon”. The big and brave castle guard came out of the castle with Geobata’s dog Kellby. The big ignoramus beast that was very loyal and very cowardly by heart. He was an Austrian cattle dog with a big with stripe going down his back.
Then when Haggai was getting taken away he yelled, “Wait” as the castle guard were taking him away to the dungeon, “I can be your servant”. “Just don’t take me away”. Geobata stood there thinking about the deal that Haggai came up with. Then Geopasi, which is Geobata’s best friend, came up behind Geobata and said, “Why don’t you take both of them”. That made Geobata puzzled, but he knows that his friend, Geopasi was the cleverest of the scholars in the town of Safair. So Geobata allowed that Luigi the slave was going to be taken to be a servant of him, and send Haggai to the dungeon for a full 21 months for hitting the Prince of the of land Yerksorc. For a couple of days the people were talking about the Royal Sentence of the beast Haggai and the fact that the prince toke a free slave off the streets of Safair. After a couple of days Geobata was sitting in his study, when his father the Great King Batista Chesterfield. King Barista the said, “This meeting was called because of the spying by the land of Liberty on their coasts”. “The only way to get into Liberty is that they go by boat or by land, King Batista continued. “The Libertyinite’s Navy is top notch”, also said by King Barista. “The only way in is by the land bridge with the great river flowing through it “, finally said by King Batista.
‘’I need a group of men to go one this dangerous journey”, said the great king. Nobody raised there hand or speak up. Then the Prince finally said, “I will go but here are my demand”. “I pick the team no matter what”. “Deal” the King replied. But the audiences saw the look on the king’s face, the face of joy and the face of sadness. Then Geobata said, “Will you pay for everything?” There was a dramatic pause for a
bout a minute, and then the king said, “Yes”. Then Geobata left the great room with a smile on his face. Geobata was thinking on whom he should take. Geopasi duh, he thought to himself. Then he thought of his great beast Kellby. He also thought of Haggai the great oath, and his trusty navigator Dalton, with... he couldn’t think of anybody else. So he went down to the dungeon and called for Haggai, who promptly came up and said,” Hello my prince”. That is not needed Geobata replied. So Geobata gave Haggai the deal if he goes with him on this quest that he would have his sentence erased. He agreed and they set of to go get Dalton.
Dalton was a simple farm boy with a great knowledge about everything about navigating. Dalton went to the college of Navigating in Ymmot. So when Geobata and Haggai walked up to the door they asked Dalton and he said yes without any fuss. So they set out to find the great assistant captain that manned the exploration to found a great city Mrrp. So when they asked Geopasi he said yes but Geobata could tell that he was trouble about going on the dangerous land bridge. So the day had darkened and the party of people went back to the Great castle and got ready for the exploration. Then when Geobata sat back down in his study, when his servant Luigi came in to greet him and said, “I would want to join you quest”. Geobata sat there puzzled and thought why, and then said, “Why”? I am truly puzzled. “I want to do this because you stood up for me when no one else did”, said Luigi truly.
When they set out the next morning toward the town of Dialo, which was the nearest town the Land bridge with a river access. Dialo was a small harbor town, with the biggest harbor in mainland. They took the best ship they could and sail off. When they got into a part of the forest where it was very dark and muggy Geobata and Luigi heard the sound of the great monster...where is it. Geobata and Luigi creep through the pick dark swamp, the sound of the monster was scaring their dog Keelby which had ran off to the ship. Then all of the sudden the monster shot out at them just missing them by inches! Geobata and Luigi ran for their life running back toward the ship where they found Dalton and Haggai huddled in the part of the ship were no one could see but the crew. Then Dalton saw that Geobata told him to get the boat ready for departure then they left for Dialo, where Dalton now resides. When they got back the king asked them, “So”? And they told them there is no way to get through the land bridge because of the Great Monster.

The End


Describe the start of your story.
  • Geobata: Geobata is a kind, selfless, and strong heated. He is also brave and mercy for the poor,
  • Geopasi: Geopasi is kinda like a dictator in my story,but his friend Geobata he is brave thou with a strong mind toward things.
  • Luigi: He is a strong, hard working slave for Geopasi and Geobata, but Geobata sees Luigi as a human being.
  • Kellby the Australian cattle dog, who is act like a coward most of the time.
  • Haggai a strong, brave, and acts like a bully. But he has a strong heart and has a secret loving side to him.
  • Introduce your characters:
  • What do they want?
  • Where are they going?
What happens in the middle of your story?
There is not really and twist or turns in the story, you know what coming from the beginning of the book to the end.
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
Outline the climax...How does the story end? They end of the book shows that that all the people will live happily ever after.
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?vb
Mini Saga
The sound of the great monster...where is it. Geobata and Luigi creep through the pick dark swamp, the sound of the monster was scaring their dog Keelby which had ran of to the ship. Then all of the sudden the monster shot out at them just missing them by inches!