Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters:

  • What do they want?

  • Where are they going?
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?

  • Plot Twists and Turns?

  • How will you lead up to the climax?
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?

  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?

Gorillas and monkeys live in a dome amongst each other, and made their goal simple, to be free.
(saved from danger out of curtousy of humans, and brought them into a living dome to help them heal, and study them.)
-silver back gorilla: Ramsey
-gorilla #1: canter
-gorilla #2: haden

-Monkey: benji

-chimp #1: tammy
-chimp #2: timothy

- They want freedom

-Back to the wild
In the middle of the story, the gorillas think of escape plans, and the monkey and chimps proceed with them. Gorillas start minipulating the chimps and monkey, and start taking most of the bananas, until gorilla #2, Haden notices it is not right so Ramsey kills him. He then convinces the animals that he was trying to get in the way of escaping, so he had to. Yet the monkey was not convinced.
-The gorillas start developing control, the chimps go along with it yet the monkey is the only one who catches on.

-The plot was originally freedom, now it is of a ruling enviorment.

This leads up to when the gorillas have ultimate power and when the chimps strart questioning authority.
The monkey gets so frustrated from work and decides to make their own escape plan. When the gorillas are not noticing they start to work on their plan. Later on, the gorillas catch them, and kill both the monkey, and timothy. But tammy is still alive. But not for long. She soon dies from lack of food, leaving only the gorillas. When the scientists see this, they move the gorillas into a smaller more confined area with less freedom, no chance of escape, and very fewer bananas. $ dead monkeys, 2 unhappy gorillas.
-They are mostly expecting a happy ending where they force the gorilla out of the community, yet it ends in unnoticable death, and a leaping change in the enviorment.

-I have used foreshadowing in a way. Like when the gorillas started getting powerful, the audience new there would be more power to come. When Benjamin questioned authority, they knew that he would have to work fast and secretly to avoid danger!

Ramsey is referred to as

the leader since he is a silver back gorilla. The others seemed to

believe his story.

Benjamin (right) was the only person, other than Haden who stood up to Ramsey and let his own opinion be heard.

Sweat poured from Ramsey's fur. At least an hour under the ground would make anybody unusually hot, even a gorilla. Ramsey struggled in the dirt. All he could manage to do was to move his toes, and disposable thumbs. Thought circled Ramsey's head as he scrambled to get out of there. Eventually he was becoming very dizzy because of all the energy he was using up. He didn't have much left. Soon enough, Ramsey stopped thinking about escape and just gave up. There was no use trying to overpower a mound of dirt. Ramsey sighed. He would miss all that he had the bananas. Oh the bananas, how much he loved them. Banana day was his favorite holiday. Before he blacked out thinking of bunches of bananas, a speck of light shown through the dirt. It grew bigger, and bigger. And then, "We found him!" He's over here, he's right here!"

Life in the dome was going well for the five primates. There were two chimpanzees, a monkey, and two gorillas. The chimps were swinging from branch to branch with their feet. The gorillas wrestled, and pounded on their chests, whooping and hollering. While the monkey popped a banana into his mouth, leaned back on the tree and thought to himself what a life. Tammy and Timmy, the chimps started laughing at the gorillas. Haden had just gotten Canter, the other gorilla into a headlock. The monkey, Benjamin also started laughing. Although his name is Benjamin, ha was referred to as Ben. No one ever called him Benjamin.

The laughter was interrupted by the sound of the doors dial. Tammy gasped. "A newcomer", Tammy said excitedly. Tammy first entered the dome about a year ago with Tommy when the had been rescued from a flood. Timmy was trapped in a fence and almost drown if it wasn't for the people, the biologists, Tammy would have been alone. The dial turned once more. "We haven't had any other primate enter the dome since the chimps!" exclaimed Haden. Haden fell out of a tree when he was young, and woke up in the dome. He arrived in the dome way back when Joseph, the wise Orangutan was in the dome. He spoke wise words. Benjamin entered 2 months before he died. Benjamin was rescued from his abusive owner, who used Ben to con money out of crowds of people. After Joseph died, Canter entered. He has always told that he was captured, but they all know that canter exaggerates and lies to get his way. The dial turned a final time and they all saw a silver back gorilla enter the dome. Benjamin was a little disappointed. He had wanted a cute lady mate or at least a monkey so he wasn't so bored and secluded.

When the door opened, a raging silver back gorilla was brought in. When the door closed, he started pounding on the door with anger, and frustration. Benjamin had seen that the gorillas were bowing in the direction of the gorilla. Ramsey eventually stopped pounding on the door, and looked towards the five other primates. They were silent. “Why aren’t you all bowing before me?” he asked. The chimps cowardly bowed. But Benjamin stood standing “All animals in this dome, are equal” he said. Ramsey and Ben looked at each other intently, until Ramsey looked away. He gestured the others to stand. “It is an honor to have a silverback gorilla among us,” said Canter, who was immediately sucking up to Ramsey. Ramsey nodded, and began to speak. “Those humans have brought us here out of thoughts of slaughter, or bribery. Either way, we must work our way out of this… this dome!” Canter stepped forward and bowed. Ramsey offered a smile. Then he looked at the others and motioned them towards him. But only the chimps stepped forward, leaving Haden, and Ben. Ramsey growled. “Wow threatening,” said Benjamin. Ramsey locked eyes with Benjamin. Then Ben looked at Haden as if to say, “your turn.” Haden cleared his throat. “As our old friend Joseph had once said, once a family, always a family. These humans are not expected to turn on us. We are treated well. We are each given a banana every morning, a place to sleep, and a living environment,” said Haden. Timmy and Tammy glanced at Ramsey, and hustled back to join Haden and Benjamin. Ramsey was at that point fed up. He took a couple steps forward, and then lunged at Haden. “No” yelled Benjamin. Ben leaped At Ramsey. Haden started throwing some punches, and Benjamin dug his claws into Ramsey. Then Ramsey stood up, grabbed Ben, and threw him across the dome. Haden gave a kick sending Ramsey back onto the ground. Then Haden jumped back into the fight. After a scramble for the top position, Haden had gotten there. He was about to throw a final punch, when Ramsey bit his neck. Haden flailed around frantically to get him off of his neck. Ramsey bit it again, this time, crushing his wind pipe. Haden fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

Once Benjamin had come into consciousness, he noticed the others were all huddled together. Tammy was in tears, and the gorillas were snickering. Except for one of them. Where was Haden? Then it hit him. Oh no, he thought. He got up and went to go see. It was true. Haden was dead. “He is truly evil” said Tammy. Then she left. Benjamin looked at Timmy. “Something has to be done” Timmy had said. That was the smartest thing Benjamin had ever heard him say.

The next morning when they had woken up, they found Haden was gone, and only two bananas were left in the food compartment. “What has happened to the bananas” sobbed Tammy. “What has happened to this environment?” Benjamin knew what was going on. Ramsey came into the area and made an announcement. “Freedom is to be established” he said. “Starting today, work is going to be done. If my plan is successful, we will be able to break out by next week.” He finished. “So what’s the plan?” Timmy asked. Ramsey spoke again.. “We will dig our way under the dome and attack. Then, we will be able to free ourselves from the dome, the lab, and the especially the humans. You should start working now” he said. Then he walked away, with Canter at his side, leaving Timmy, Tammy, and Benjamin to dig around the dome. They didn’t know what Ramsey would do to them if they didn’t, so they worked all day, and partially through the night until the fell asleep working.

The next few days, was the same process. Only two bananas every morning, work all day, no breaks, and only got to sleep late at night. The bananas’ disappearance was no mystery. Even the chimps knew that it could only be Ramsey who was stealing the bananas. If something wasn’t said or done soon, they would die of starvation. So the next day, Timmy and Ben went to go talk to Canter.

“We need to talk” Ben told Canter. Caner paid his fullest attention to Timmy and Ben. They explained all about how they were only receiving two bananas in the morning, and that one of them had to give up a banana every day so they could all eat. They also talked about how they work all day for nothing but 5 hours of sleep. “I see” said Canter. Well something has to be done then. Follow me” He gestured them to follow him, and that is what they did. But Benjamin still was feeling uneasy about it. Canter was the only person they would be able to come to with their issue. Canter stopped just at Ramsey’s tree, which used to be Haden’s. Ever since what had happened to him…

Canter gave a wicked smile. At that point, they both knew they had made a mistake telling Canter anything. Ramsey came down from his tree. “Is something the matter?” he asked. “These two are accusing you of stealing their bananas in the morning.” said Canter. Ramsey shook his head. “That is not true” he said. “Don’t try to lie to us” said Ben. “We know you are not telling the truth” “But I am being totally honest” Ramsey replied. “It is not just I, but Canter too!” Timmy shakily looked at Canter. He was grimacing rather menacingly. “It is too bad we told you this” Ramsey continued. Timmy gulped.

The next day when Tammy awoke, Timmy had not returned to the tree. He must have slept with Benjamin the other night she thought. She ate her banana and went back to her digging hole. She had expected them to have been there working, but instead, there was nobody there but her. She waited another 20 minutes, but it was still only her. They must have slept in. She went to Benjamin’s tree to wake them up, but no one was there either. Tammy started to panic. She left to Ramsey’s tree. “Have you seen Timmy and Ben this morning?” she asked “I’m afraid not” said Ramsey. Tammy nodded and turned to leave, when she saw Timmy’s feet around the corner. “Oh” she said. “I think I’ve found him. When she turned the corner, she saw Timmy and Ben lying on a pile of banana peels. Not only that, but there was a large quantity of blood. Oh no, she thought. He turned to Ramsey. “What have you done!” she yelled. “I loved him!” She kneeled to the ground and held Timmy in her arms, crying. Ramsey kneeled beside her and put his arm n her back but she pulled away, and bit his finger. “And the bananas!” she sobbed. We have starved the past week because of you!” Furious, she tried to punch him, but failed. “If you dare try to punch me again, you will end up like the others!” he proclaimed. Fear washed over Tammy’s face. “You wouldn’t want that would you?” Canter had asked. She slowly shook her head. “That is what I thought” said Ramsey.” I suggest to you that you get back to work now” Shakily, Tammy walked away from Ramsey’s tree, back to her working area. But instead of getting back to work, she sobbed. Maybe she did want to get out of the dome. Or maybe, she just wanted to get away from Ramsey.

In Conclusion: Tammy set a goal to escape the dome by the end of the story, but failed to do so because 2 days later, she died of starvation. She was put with the other dead bodies. Soon enough, the people became suspicious of all the absences, and came in to find the three dead monkeys, two of which were viciously murdered, so Ramsey and Canter were moved to separate cells, and went back to being fed only ne banana a day. So there is a possible lesson to be learned from this story. Like Benjamin once said, everybody is equal.