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My Mini-Saga
The Central Park Zoo had many problems. All people watched the animals, which made the animals extremely mad, angry, and anxious. Gorillas united the animals and grouped them together and put together a rebellion. A rebellion that would change the entire wide world. Will this new government live on forever?

The Great Zoo Run-A-Round
Mr. Agamenoni

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It was a sunny day in the Central Park Zoo. The zoo-visitors were having a blast, watching the captured animals jump around and sleep, while eating buttery popcorn. The zoo keepers wandered around and mingled with the crowd, making sure no "fatalities" happened. And then the people went home, the keepers locked them in their cages, clean up, and finish the day at their house. The routine was the same every day. Exactly like that sunny day.

The next day, when the animals were outside, just before opening hours, the large gorillas called out to the other animals, "We are tired of this treatment. Do you guys have this feeling?"
The lions replied, "Of course, these humans have no idea how horrible this is. One day we were frolicking along in Africa and the next moment we were stuck in here, this nasty pen."
The other animals added their consent. The gorillas shouted, " Then we will rebel and conquer the evil humans in this cursed place. We will take over and turn this place pure."
Julius, the leader of all gorillas leaped up and shouted, "We will rebel and all animals will be free! Tonight! When we are being place in our cages, resist and turn on the keepers! Break out of your pens!"
"Hurrah!!!!!" the animals cried.

So it happened that that night, when the civilians of New York City were safe at home, when the keepers were tempting the animals into their locked kennels, the Julius shouted the signal, "CHARGE!!!"
When the keeper heard this, it didn't sound at all like 'charge', because of course, the animals were speaking Animalish, their language. He merely laughed his head off until he turned and saw the six foot, 457-lb gorilla dashing at him. Screaming, the zoo-keeper ran out of the pen and into the park. The other zoo-keepers watched him in puzzlement until they saw that their own creatures were doing the same thing. The employees jumped out and ran into the park, looking as if they were chasing the first keeper.

"Victory, my allies!" shouted Julius.
"Yes indeed." said Snatcher, another gorilla who was very close to Julius.
"Our zoo will live forever." remarked the third gorilla, whose name was Ronaldo.

So, after the celebrations and commentaries, the animals had to elect a leader, or a committee of leaders. Since the gorillas put together the rebellion, it was a unanimous decision to make them the head of the government. The gorillas set right to work, telling the elephant, whose name was Snorter, to tear down the walls of the pens.
"We must unite the animals of our zoo. All animals are equal today gentlemen." said Julius, as a reason for this action.

Other animals pitched in to help Snorter. They worked enthusiastically, for they knew that now they would finally have control over their lives.

After the tearing down of the walls, Julius said, "Stuff yourself on any popcorn you find, for now we can eat what we want!"

The zoo munched on the popcorn, delighted that finally, their wishes were coming true.

Seven days later, the gorillas gave a speech: "From now on, the tigers, lions, and bears will protect us, for we are the zoo's head, heart, and brain. They will live with us in the luxury pens, which will be in the woodland part, where there are rivers and fresh mangoes, and shade all around."
A murmur passed threw the crowd.

"This is not fair!" protested Xavier, a hugely obese zebra. "All animals are equal remember? We should get what you get too!"
"Throw this rebel out!" screamed Julius. The lions dragged the squealing animal away. "This is a reminder that if you protest against us in ways that are not civil, we will not take mercy on you. We are your head, heart, and brain; we need this comfort. Surely you don't want the people to stare at and manipulate you again?" said Snatcher.

"Mostly and completely not!" the animals assured him.

"Good, now no more complaining." Julius said.

The gorillas lived a good life in the luxury pens. The poor animals lived in the trash pit pens. The animals were dirty and did not have much room to live in.

Ronaldo saw this and said to Julius, "The other animals are suffering and are not doing well. We should do something about it. This society is developing into two separate classes. We are living rich lives, they are living poor and weak lives. Lets not ignore them any longer."

"HOW DARE YOU PROTEST AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT. Our own brother!" Julius exploded. "It makes me extremely sad to do this, but you must be thrown out. Lions, throw him out."

The lions moved toward him and started carrying him away, "Julius, don't ignore me. This society will again be overthrown!" said Ronaldo.

"BE QUIET," Julius roared.

"Follow his instructions now," growled the lions.

That was the last sighting of Ronaldo that anyone ever saw.

Snorter brought the poor animals together. "Look what is happening," he said, "The gorillas are taking advantage of their power and are living the rich life while we toil and work to survive in this dump! Another rebellion must be executed!"
The animals greeted this speech with a tremendous hurrah. The animals marched toward the "palace" of the gorillas. The gorillas turned to meet the huge mob, filled with many elephants, poisonous snakes, and rhinos. Other animals lined up behind them.
"What in the blazes are you doing HERE!" he shouted.

"We are taking back our zoo." sneered Snorter. "CHARGE" Snorter shouted, mimicking the exact words Julius had said during the first rebellion.

Here a huge fight broke out. Lions were thrown under rhinos. Black mambas sunk their teeth into ferocious tigers. The elephants drove into the grizzly bears. Julius, who saw that his forces were failing snuck out the back of the battle and jumped over the walls of the zoo. The rest of the remaining rich class followed his example and retreated.

"We have taken back our zoo." shouted Snorter.
A celebration broke out right away. Pretzels with cinnamon-sugar heaped onto them were presented. The animals elected Snorter to lead the government. The animals had huge confidence that nothing could go wrong now. The zoo was back in one class.

However, once again, in a couple of days, Snorter announced that the elephants and the snakes were going to live in the spot where the gorillas had once resided.
"All zoo members are equal, but some are a little more equal than others," he explained.

The animals murmured again.This time no one questioned though.

Back in the rear of the crowd, a small snapping turtle was thinking. He, whose name was Snapper, contemplated what had happened during the two months of independence. Snapper realized, that no matter what, any society would split into two classes. One rich and powerful class, and one poor and weak class. He realized that every society would forever do this.

Now, people in New York City had heard about this whole affair. The New York Times had the whole front page dedicated to this amazing feat. The article mentioned, that now the zoo was under the control of animals, the Animal Control Center would lead an attack on the zoo. Their "warriors" would be armed with tranquilizer guns and cages that were specifically designed for trapping large animals. The zoo members had no idea what was happening. Snorter and his snakes were just sitting in the nice cool shade that was spread by the enormous oak tree that was planted for the eagles that fly in and out of the park. The animals had no clue that the next day was to be the attack on the government and society that they had been building for a couple of months.

The next day, Animal Control Center vans parked outside the fabulous gates of the Central Park Zoo. Ranger Gary was in charge of this operation.
"Men, get ready. This will most likely be the worst controlling of the animals fight you will ever have." he crackled over his specially designed walkie-talkie. The Animal Control team lined up. After throwing up grappling hooks over the walls and climbing up, they looked around. The high class was sitting right under them. Snorter the elephant was sleeping and the 30 foot long anacondas were snoozing. Nodding silently, Gary gave the signal. As stealthy as cats, they took aim and shot the tranquilizer darts into the animals' hides. There was no chance of these animals surprising them now. These tranquilizers put them to sleep for ten hours.

Moving on, the rangers found more animals. The other animals were in a circle, obviously discussing something. With many, many, many swit, swit, swits, the other animals fell into a deep sleep. For the next ten hours, the animals slept.

After ten hours, Snorter awoke. He looked up and tall strong Plexiglas windows reached far above him.

"NOOOOOOOO!" he trumpeted.

The zoo had gone back to normal. The zoo keepers were back on top and the animals were again buried down in the weaker places. All the citizens of New York had come to see the newly furnished zoo (for when the animals slept, the construction company had come and poured very strong Quick-Dry cement, to make new walls; put in the Plexiglas, and built stronger cages and put a neat addition on it that allowed the keepers to close the door on the outside of the cage, so that no rebellion would happen again.
As for Ronaldo and Xavier, they were sent back to their native places to enjoy a care-free (although probably not very care-free with all the danger) life.

Even still, if you, the reader, noticed, as did Snapper, the snapping turtle, that the zoo still ended up with a poor and rich class. It goes to show that every single society, whether new, old, middle-aged, or anything; will always break into two classes.

The End



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