Frederick the Fox


Frederick the fox was not a happy fox. He was young, perhaps too young, but his mother said he needed to go. He left. He didn't know where to go or what to do. He couldn't find food or shelter. He had no friends. He needed something better than this.

Describe the start of your story.
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  • What do they want?
  • Where are they going?
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
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  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
Frederick the FoxFrederick_the_fox_dox..jpg
By: Adam Margaris
Frederick the fox
Frederick the fox
Frederick the fox
Frederick the fox

Frederick is a fox that has just grown old enough to go out and live by himself and hunt and take care of himself. He has trouble finding food and finding shelter and he finds all the foxes are laughing at him because of this. One night, he is especially sad and hungry and he can't sleep, so he goes outside for a little walk to calm his nerves. He's talking to himself about having a perfect life and always being fed and never being laughed at ever again. A noise makes him look up and he sees a shooting star high above him. He wishes to have a perfect life and he strolls back home to get some rest.
The next day, he awakes to a rattling of a cage, and to his surprise, he finds he’s in the cage and men are carrying him to a truck. He’s put in the vehicle and taken far away from the forest and the mountains and valleys, and even away from the green grass. They drive for a long long time. Frederick falls asleep. He has a dream about the shooting star, but before he can dream any further, he is awakened by loud banging and men hollering. The truck has gotten a flat tire and the men are furious. They open the cage to put a leash on Frederick, but he jumps out of there reach and runs far away from the men, who finally give up after a quarter of a mile of pursuit. Frederick walks into a near-by town in search of food, startling many pedestrians and passer-by. There is a little boy names Bobby who sees the fox and wants to take him home. His rich and non-caring mother says that's fine and they head home with Frederick in the arms of Bobby against his will to walk. When they get home to their mansion, Bobby tries to feed the fox just about everything in the house before he gets the brilliant idea to feed him a mouse. Bobby has some trouble getting a hold of mice, but then goes out into the garden and catches one. He shows Frederick, who he's calling Princess, the mouse and Frederick gladly accepts and eats it. Bobby explains to his mom that they need to hire people to catch mice and, still not caring, says yes and hires three hard-working men to catch mice for Frederick/Princess. This goes on for about a week, but then Bobby is convinced that Frederick/Princess is not getting enough mice and makes the men catch double the mice they were catching. At first this was nice, but soon Frederick/Princess found himself turning down the mice. Again the men were ordered to catch more and more mice and Frederick/Princess became overweight and constantly refusing the mice. The little boy got angry and made the men catch even more if that was possible. Frederick/Princess needed to get out of there; the little boy was mad. He planned an escape for the next day at feeding time. The next day he carried out the plan. At feeding time, the men went outside and left the door slightly ajar, like they always do. He squeezed out with all his might, as the boy was quick to see what he was trying to do. Yes, he made it. Now what. He had to run.
Frederick wondered through the wilderness and he got lost. He gets really sad and lonely and wishes dearly he was home. He finds a small cave to take shelter in the rest of the night. When he can't sleep, he goes for a walk to calm his nerves. Again, he hears a noise above him and he looks up to see another shooting star. Thinking it’s his way out; he wishes to be back at home. He is devastated that he is not back home when he gets back to the cave. He cries himself asleep and the next morning he finds that he is back in the wilderness where he lives! He feels wonderful and he decides that living by himself was just fine and he finding mice on his own would not be too much trouble after all. He learns to appreciate what he had and he never complained ever again about anything. The End