This where my title is gonna be.

a kid finds a closet in a mysterious room in his school that leads him to a native american tribe in the mid 1800's located in the lakotas territory.
  • Characters:
  • Ian Williams: the 13 year old boy who discovers the hidden passageway. somewhat of a trouble maker.
  • Chief running bear: the indian chief who befriends Ian along his journey
  • other members of the tribe.
Ian starts learning about the tribes hardship due to the white-mans un ethical hunting of their main food source, the bison. Ian also starts learning about the tribes culture and beliefs while befriending many people along the way.
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
The climax is Ian helping the tribe with modern necessities and also giving him a different output his life making him realize the importance of simple things such as respcting your elders.
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
I woke up with a excruciating pain on the side of my head. I slowly got up only to fall over again. I just then realized the blood stained grass. Where did that come from? How did I get here? Just then I remembered sneaking into the janitors storage room!

A few winters ago
Lane Jensen

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Ian was never the "perfect student" so it was not surprising when he snuck out of class to explore the school. He went all over the building looking for something better to occupy his time than English. Just as he was thinking about wandering back to class something caught his eye, the janitors storage room was open! Ian could not help exploring this golden opportunity. So he went in. He was just starting on screwing around with the mops when there was a loud THUD. The last thing he remembered was the sensation of falling.......blackout.

Chief Running Bear was getting done eating his crude breakfast of dried herbs when there was a loud up-roar coming from outside he tepee. He hurried outside grabbing his hatchet along the way, and started running towards the yelling. He caught up and worked his way to the front of the crowd and saw the last thing he would have ever expected.

Ian slowly regained his conscious when he noticed a crowd of people talking around him that looked like the people out of his history book. The Cheif then yelled, "everybody get back!". He then proceeded by asking Ian, "Son where have you come from?". "North Dakota sir", responded Ian. "Hm-mm I've never heard of that place, son you better be telling the truth, this tribe is not to fond of the white man".
"Wait, Wait, where am I?" Ian asked as his voice started to tremble.
"Montana, son" the chief said
"Montana! My mom is not gonna like this! what is the date?"
"1856! you must be confused or something because last I checked it was the 21st century"

Just then Ian remembered the janitors closet. The loud bang and him blacking out.......But what he was most confused by was why this happened to him. The janitor had come in and out of that closet a million times. "Why is this happening to me!" Ian had a million thought racing through his head. But then it clicked! Since this only happened to Ian, it must be for a reason! Ian then started asking the Chief many questions. Him and Ian started to get off into a friendly conversation but then came up the topic of food.

The chief said that there had been a sudden lost on their number 1 food source, Buffalo. But the chief knew what the problem was. He said to Ian, "Follow me son and I will show you why the white man is not welcome in these parts"

Ian kept thinking and thinking what could make him hate the white man so much. But before he could think of an explanation he saw it. There was what looked like to be dozens of big dirt mounds in the middle of the prairie. But as Ian got closer the smell got worse and soon realized they were not dirt was the rotting carcass of bison. The only thing gone from the bison was their hide. Skinned clean off them and their meat was left to rot. "the white come storming in here on their wagons and shoot these herds all the way to the calves, this son is why the white man would be killed in these parts if given the chance" said the Chief, who was starting to get a sort of whimper in his voice. Ian then noticed the brass casings scattered throughout the trail left from the guns of the protruders. "We best get that cut cleaned up now son." the Chief said promptly trying to hide his whimper.

Chief Running Bear's wife cleaned Ian's cuts so quick it surprised Ian from her precision and speed. Just as she was finishing up Ian then remembered his mom. "I must get home!" Ian said as he started to make his way out of the tent. "You are probably right, let's take you to where we found you"

As Ian and the Chief made their way to Ian's crash site, Ian started to ask Running Bear many Questions.
"How did you get so good at speaking English?", asked Ian. "Well the white man came through a couple of winters ago and tried teaching English and the Christian religion, I picked up on the English but not so much on the Religion part.". "Oh, where did they go after they were done teaching you?" questioned Ian. "They moved on to the next tribe. They where the only good white men I have ever met."

As they came up to the blood stained a question rose upon Ian, "How do I get back?"
To be continued...........