power gum


Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters: Ralf- A stronger boy with a love for mischief and a good friend to Paul. Paul- A cautious kid with a nerve for about everything.
  • What do they want?
    to get by like every other kid in the town of finnig at first. then Paul want to rid the world of power gum and Ralf want to use his power foe hi on desires.
  • Where are they going? hovering to school
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop? they will get power gum get superpowers
  • Plot Twists and Turns?If someone eats more than 1 stick of gum something bad will happen
  • How will you lead up to the climax? A Battle of super heros
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting? I Hope not
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?Not yet

The Mini Saga
The gum was glowing. It was the most radiant thing Ralf and Paul had ever seen. The boys thought that the gum was old so they left it and walked away. What the boys didn't know is that the gum was sent from the gods and was filled with power.

POWER GUM !!!!!!By Kyle Korb

power gum
power gum
Ralf after power gum
Ralf after power gum

"Shut up Ralf. I know that I’m not going out for football, but who cares?” argued Paul.
“Yeah, yeah, you’ve always been cautious, but you need to try new things.” debated Ralf.
“Let’s just get to school, Ralf, so we aren’t late!”
“We’ll be fine,” said Ralf giving Paul a playful shove. The playful shove, when given by the more athletic, stronger Ralf, face planted smaller Paul into the grass. Ralf notices his mistake of shoving too hard and moves to pick up Paul.
Ralf becomes distracted and instead of helping his friend, he focuses on something shining in the distance. He walks over toward the radiant object while Paul gets up on his own and brushes himself off. Paul wonders what has caught Ralf’s attention and sees him holding something in his hand. It is about the size of shoebox and seems to glow on its own.
Ralf finds an opening in the box and reaches in. Feeling something cold, he is curious and interested as he pulls it out. “Dude, look at this!”
Paul nervously takes the blue, rectangular shaped object from Ralf. He turns it over in his hands repeatedly trying to figure out what it is.
Ralf reaches in the box again, this time bringing out a square object, having similar weight but different in shape and color. The red color is bright and rich.
Each boy looks at their curious, strange find, then at each other. Paul notices a papery film on the blue one. “What do you think this is? Look at this film on mine.”
Ralf’s red object has it too. “There’s a slit in this film. Let’s open it.”
“No, don’t,” Paul jumps in. “It could be dangerous.”
Ralf ignores Paul and opens it anyway. The film falls to the ground and the inside loses all its color and radiance. “It looks like gum,” says Ralf. He looks disappointed at the object.
“Yeah,” replies Paul, “Not only does it just look like gum, but it looks old now too. Who wants old gum? Put it down and let’s just get to school.”
Ralf puts the box down and both boys drop their found treasure now not looking so valuable. They move back to their regular route to school.
What the boys didn't know is that the gum was sent from the gods and was filled with power.

Paul hears the shouts of the boys as they run out on the football field. Paul trudges in the opposite direction as he heads for home. He thinks about his day at school and wonders if he should have gone out for football. “What if…” he mumbles to himself. He remembers the gum and the way it glowed.
He realizes he is almost to the park where they found the gum in the morning. “What if… what if the gum is still there?” He walks faster.
Paul gets to the park and tries to find the old gum pieces. He finds the box and the blue piece, but the red square is gone. “What if nothing. It is no big deal,” Paul says to himself. Paul turns toward home and leaves the park and the gum behind.

Paul opens his front door and finds it was Ralf who came by after he finished football. “We’ve got to talk,” Ralf quickly says and rushes inside.
“Remember the gum? Aren’t you curious about it? What it means? Why so shiny? Why it lost its color just by taking off the wrapper thing? What about what it tastes like?”
Paul slowly answers, “Well, yeah, but I would be scared to try it. Besides, the red one was gone when I came home.”
“I say we try. It’s something new.” Ralf unzips his backpack and brings out the red square. Although the color is almost gone, Paul recognizes it.Ralf pops it in his mouth without delay. Paul looks nervous. Within five minutes, Ralf begins to feel different. Paul stays quiet, waiting to see what happens.“I feel…, I feel… strong!” Ralf exclaims. He reaches for his backpack, and when he lifts it, it flings through the air with the easiness of snapping toothpick. He reaches down and lifts up the bed.
“What are you doing? What happened,” Paul yells.
“It is like the gum is super-charged or something. I told you, I feel strong!” Ralf sprints out the door to the park. He reaches the park and finds the box. Reaching in, he finds more super-charged gum.
Paul gets to the park just in time to see Ralf stuff his face with piece after piece of gum. Ralf turns and Paul gets a look of the evil smile on his face. He can tell Ralf has overdone it on the gum. Paul is too nervous to speak and just trembles in fear.
A deep, deep voice comes from Ralf. “I can do anything!” He flies up in the air and explodes with the force of the super-charged gum.
Paul sadly knows that the gum is too strong for humanity and regrets his friend’s death. He takes the box and returns to his house.
In his backyard, he digs a hole and sets the box in. He throws a lit match onto the box.
“Sometimes new can be a bad thing…” Paul says as he watches it burn.

The End