The Adventures of Jimmer, Barrack, Walt and The Battle of Uniconamania Land

By: Adam Agamenoni
Kota the hard working Unicorn
Kota the hard working Unicorn

Mesire the ruler of the Reds
Mesire the ruler of the Reds

Jimmer, Barrack, and Walt had just landed in Las Vegas and were already headed to Cesures Palace. The cab ride was fifteen bucks so Barrack gave him a twenty but he never gave him change back. So he just ignored it,and they had to walk like five miles just to get to there hotel. The whole way to the hotel they walked and danced just to get over the fear of what people think of them. Then they walked in the hotel flabbergasted to see the hotel had been destroyed by death Unicorns. They were really bummed out that they didn’t get to throw away all there money in Vegas, but they then saw one slot machine left and in a heartbeat they all together threw away one grand. They were about to throw away even more when they saw a black unicorn buck a red unicorn into there slot machine. Jimmer said, “We should tell there leader there warriors are fighting each other.” So they decided to talk to the leader. They were tired of looking so Walt screamed out, “Where is your freaking leader.” The red unicorns said, “Mesire!!!” as the black unicorns said, “Frediolio!!!” Then they continued to battle. So Jimmer said lets just talk to both. Barrack decided to why don’t we talk to Frediolio first. Jimmer and Walt agreed. So they asked a black unicorn where he was. The unicorn guided them to Frediolio. His name was Kota. He was a very hard worker, and he never stopped working. Kota said, “ It might take a while to get to where our leader is staying.” Frediolio Was at Mandalay Bay. By the time they had arrived at Mandalay Bay, Walt had already prepared what he was going to say. When they got to suite 255 they were very tired but not willing to give up hope on having a great vacation. Then Frediolio said, “Who goes there!!!” Kota said “Its just me and some people who want to talk to you.” Walt came in first to talk to him. He said,” Hello sir, I am Walt and I was supposed to stay at Ceasues Palace, but as you probley know your unicorns are destroying it.” Frediolio stood up and said “We were not trying to destroy it we were just trying to destroy there old leader Mesire.” He continues “About a decade ago all the Unicorns of Unicornamania Land decided that they should try to make a perfect place or a Utopia. At the time I thought it was a great idea, but whenever you try and change something in a place there is always someone wanting to take charge. Also nothing can ever be perfect. Therefore a Utopia is impossible. When most the unicorns realized that, Mesire and a few others did not. So we rebelled and the War of Unicornamania Land became upon us. It is still going on.” Then Walt said “Well how are you the ruler of the black unicorns” Frediolio said, “I was Mesires second in command and all of the blacks say I would be the best leader.”

“Oh now I understand” said Walt. So Walt decided that they should go talk to Mesire to see if they have the same opinion. Jimmer was going to give this speech. When they arrived back at Ceasers Palace, It was almost completely destroyed on the inside. Red had won that battle. So they entered the Red Unicorn party room to talk to Mesire. Jimmer walked in and said, “Hello Sir”

Mesire responded, “What do ya want!” Jimmer asked why are you having war.” “We want perfection they don’t think it will happen so we decided to try and kill all people who didn’t agree.” “They fought back and we haven’t came to an agreement.” Jimmer figured he said all he needed to say so he left with Barrack and Walt. They went back to Mandalay Bay to find that Kota had died. One of the Reds had killed him while his back was turned. Barrack screamed out, “He was the only not idiot unicorn. If everyone acted as he did you would have the nearest you can get to a Utopia. If everyone’s motto was I will work harder we would have a Utopia.” Everyone agreed. They were now in rage with anger and rushed over to Ceasures Palace and attacked. It was then obvious the blacks had found the leader and killed him. The war was over. Unicornamania Land was now theirs. Afterwards the Blacks restored Ceasures Palace and all was well in both Las Vegas and Unicornamania Land.
The End

  • Introduce your characters:

  • What do they want?

  • Where are they going?
What happens in the middle of your story?
The gang realizes that the unicorns werent
death unicorns but they had just fell in black
paint. The reason they were destroying
everything is they were fighting there leader so they
could rule Unicornamania Land.
because they all tried to make a utopia.
  • How will all your story and characters develop?

  • Plot Twists and Turns?

  • How will you lead up to the climax?
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
One side wins the battle and they restore Ceasers
palace and all is good in Unicornamania Land.
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?

  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?