The story of the brave red crayon by Katie Huisman

more crayons
more crayons

There once lived a box of crayons. There was the green one who was the book smart crayon. Some people called him a nerd. Second there was the blue crayon who everyone loved. Next there was the orange crayon who wasn’t very smart, but everyone thought he was real funny. Then there was the red crayon who was very strong and thought he was the toughest crayon in Walmart. Last there was the rest of the crayons in the box who were just average crayons. One day a lady named Mrs. Butterfield bought that box of crayons for her third grade class. At first the class was a happy place where the kids loved them and drew a lot of beautiful works of art. Soon the kids became careless, aggressive, and didn’t really care about the crayons anymore. One day one of the little kids broke the yellow crayon in half! The teacher put the yellow crayon in the trash and when the other crayons found out they were devastated. no one ever saw the yellow crayon again. The crayons knew they couldn’t stay in the third grade. They began to plot to find a way out of this horrible place.
They tried and tried again, but they never succeeded on escaping. There first idea was roll off the shelves and hide under the book shelves. It was all working out until school ended. The next thing those crayons knew they were swept out from under the shelves by the janitor and put back in their box. When they got back to the box they asked each other if anyone had some ideas. The red crayon said he could fight all the kids off and everyone could make a run for it, but the others knew it would never happen. Then the blue crayon said “well the window is open during the day, how about we just roll out.” As usual everyone agreed with the blue crayon. Then the green crayon started rambling off about how they would need precise timing. It wasn’t long before the others fell asleep. The next day when they tried to go out the window they started to melt and then saw all of the kids at recess. They decided they were better off inside. Just when they started to give up hope they got an idea. They heard Mrs. Butterfield talking about how they were having a special guest. The special guest would be a famous artist named Bertha Siberious. In unison they all got the same idea. Well of the except the orange crayon of course. He wasn’t the smartest crayon in the box. They now knew that they would be going home with Bertha Siberious.
It was not going to be easy to accomplish getting out of the dreadful third grade. First they had to get organized. The red crayon volunteered to be look out because he thought he had the best chance if anything ever happened. So the plan was that during the presentation the crayons would sneak out of the crayon box. Then they would roll across the room to the coat hanger, climb up, and get into Bertha’s coat. After the speech the red crayon said "All crayons are equal." Then there were yells of joy! It seemed like forever before it was time, but the time had finally come to make the escape. It was all it was all going perfect until one of the students, Jimmy, had to sharpen his pencil. The crayons were only half way up to the coat pocket. The sharpener was right by the coat hanger and now they were doomed. Just when they thought it was over Jimmy stopped walking. At fist the crayons were confused, but then they realized that the red crayon had rolled out in front of Jimmy as a distraction. Jimmy stepped right on the red crayon. The others were speechless at first, but then they realized that the red crayon had just given his life for the good of the others. They were proud to say that the red crayon was from their box. The other crayons lived an amazing crayon life with Bertha Siberious. they loved it with her because they knew that when she drew with them they were drawing a maserpiece and it was all thanks to the brave red crayon!


Describe the start of your story.At first the class was a happy place and they were treated nicely! Soon the crayon were aggressive with the crayons and one day the yellow one was SNAPPED!!! He was put in the garbage. When the others found out they were devastated and knew they couldnt stay in the third grade. They began to plot.
  • Introduce your characters: The green crayon who is the brains/nerd.the blue crayon who is the popular one. the orange crayon the funny/stupid one. The red crayon is the tough one. The rest of the box of crayons.
  • What do they want? Freedom
  • Where are they going? away from the 3rd grade because the kids are mistreating the crayons.
What happens in the middle of your story?They try and try and fail and fail. Trying things like rolling into hiding and getting out the window. When they rolled away they were put back on the shelves by the janitors. When they tried to go out the window they started to melt it seemed hopeless. They had an idea while the class had a special guest. the special guest was the famous artist Bertha Siberious. They planned on going home with her.
  • How will all your story and characters develop?Identify the charactoristics so they seem more real.
  • Plot Twists and Turns?yes
  • How will you lead up to the climax?the artist comes in for a presentation.
Outline the climax...How does the story end? first thely had to get organized and now it was time. the red crayon was the lookout and while the were climbing up the coat rack the third grader was coming. he sacrificed himself for the others. The other crayons lived a normal happy crayon life with Bertha Siberious.
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting? NO
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story? Yes
Mini saga:They were about to run out of air. They had given up hope. They were gonners! Just then the felt something wet. What was it they all wondered in fear. then they saw light! the dog had ripped open the crayon box. the Crayons were free!!! They drew pretty unicorns.