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Family Crisis

Kelsay Jensen
Mom has this Plaque in her Kitchen
Mom has this Plaque in her Kitchen

Grandma Scolding Alyssa
Grandma Scolding Alyssa

Rough Draft
Family Crisis
Today was a day that everyone dreaded. It was family meeting day, a day that everyone old and young in the Smith Family gathered in the crowded family room of their grandparent's bungalow. Now, of course everyone loved each other, or so they claimed, but every Wednesday the family was forced to listen to Granny Nell and Grandpa Charles about how they needed to improve their well-being, or how they could be perfect. They would criticize everyone till they were in tears, but if they didn't come then they would be kicked out of the will and they wouldn't get any money in the end, so they listened to them."Now, Alyssa, don't you know it's not good for you to wear clothing like that. Your jeans are to tight and your shirts leave barely anything to the imagination. Tell, me, dear Alyssa, what is there to gain by you wearing clothes like that?" Was a common phrase, or "You may be my daughter, Clara, but you are not deserving of my love. You have destroyed the ethics of my dear grandchildren, turning them into people who work on the street, selling drugs or smoking them. What did I do wrong with you?" was heard quite often too.

But today, today was different. Mom and Dad, were sick of putting up like this. Granny and Grandpa were ruining their children's self-confidence, and that was tearing them up inside. So,they summoned all the rest of the family and called the grandparents. "We're so sorry mom, really. I have to catch up on work and my children have more homework than they can handle. We can't come today." Mom told them. The rest of the family made up similar excuses, sounding so melancholy that it was almost true, it seemed so real. They all gathered in the basement, the sun was setting on the horizon, and they had just been fed a marvelous dish of spaghetti that Mom had prepared. The meeting was about to begin.

"We all can conclude something, you don't need to keep it a secret. Don't worry, we tell our family that aren't here as long as you won't tell them about us. We can already tell you feel the same as us, that our Beloved Grandparents or parents, for some of you have taken over our lives. The have us doing everything for us and they live on the cushions of our work. Look at them, living their pampered lives provided for them, and us, the ones that work full time and have to go to school everyday are forced to look out for them and pay for them altogether. Why should we do this? If they treat us like we aren't worth diddly squat, why should we treat them as our saviors? We all know this. We have to remove them." Mom's speech rang through the basement, giving everyone pride. "We should all go home remembering, this one thing. Family is love, not blood." Everyone ate it all up. The youngsters sang it all over again "Family is love, not blood! Family is love, not blood!"

A few days later the grandparents were found dead in their crowded bungalow kitchen. There wasn't a scratch on them, and nothing odd in their system, so they we assumed dead of natural causes. Nobody took any thought to Mom visiting her earlier that day. Of course, her visiting a chemical lab that created untraceable poisons the day before must have been sheer coincidence. After all, she had a very dear friend that worked in that lab. If anyone got suspicious, they would mysteriously disappear too.

Soon, the family made rules and wrote them all on a big black chalkboard in the living room. Mom got a yardstick and started talking. "Today, I have all the things that are needed to create a perfect family on this blackboard. There are five easy to follow rules" Mom paused. Her daugher, Alyssa seemed utterly confused. "What's wrong Mary?" Mom asked. "Oh, Mom, why is it written in German?" Alyssa asked. "Alyssa, don't be a flabbergasted idiot! Just listen and it will all be clear." Mom cleared her throat and read the rules.

Our Perfect Family
  1. Everyone must do there shares of chores, cooking and discussing.
  2. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the leader.
  3. No one shall write in the language our Grandparents used. It is forbidden.
  4. Grandparents shall never be called grandparents again, they will be called, Evil Ones.
  5. If anyone disagrees with the ideas, then they will be moved. No questions asked.

That was all. Everyone went to bed early that night, after eating another marvelous dinner, better then any other then they had eaten on any day that a Family Meeting was held.
The family concluded on Friday that a family meeting would be held ever day at five. The children spent the day at school, waiting for this meeting. After everyone got home, they decided they needed a leader. Some of the older ones, like Uncle Larry and Aunt Saundra thought this was a silly idea, but Sam, Gus, Henry, Alyssa and even persnickety Lily agreed. Dad, a favorite person in everyone's mind, came forward and offered to be the leader. Mom, did too. A futile glance was exchanged, but mom quickly put on a sugar coated smile and then told everyone, "There will be an election next Friday. We will do campaigning speeches all throughout the week.

Mom started teaching the family German. It was proving to be unsuccessful. Uncle Larry only learned how to say restroom, more, dinner and his first name. Henry had been moving the furniture around to the Family's pleasing, and even though he was a good worker, he was not the sharpest tool in the shed. He learned to say please, thank you and work. Willow didn't even attempt it. Lily only learned to spell her own name, and if mom tried to make her learn more she would scratch her face with her oh-so-perfect french nails and flip her bleached blond mane in her face and sprint straight towards her room. Alyssa always was too busy to learn the German. She was either at her friend Ella's house or something like that. Even though she left all of the day, her pleading dark brown eyes and innocense got her out of trouble.

Dad didn't do any speeches, he was just sweet as pie towards everyone. No one was mistreated. But Mom, her tyrannical voice boomed through the halls, telling everyone how amazing she was and how she would benefit them. The odds seemed to in Dad's favor, because mom seemed menacing. Unpredictable. On Friday, it was election day. Dad gave on speech, telling them all about a plan to build an addition to the house. If it happened, Willow and Lily wouldn't have to share a room anymore and the boys wouldn't all have to play in the same room. Everyone seemed to love this plan.

But if anyone looked really closely, you could see the anger bubbling right out of mom. Mom yelled out a strange phrase that wasn't german. Alyssa swore she had heard it before. She couldn't remember where, but she had heard someone say Tora before. Aunt Saundra and her sister, Louise came out of the kitchen, standing right next to mom. They were always so gentle and kind until now. There hair that was once a merry shade of amber turned into a black, and they wore black jumpsuits on the right of the zipper. It was the letter M stitched in so deep that it was creating rashes on the twosome's skin. There eyes were thick with dark makeup. They grabbed to guns out of there pocket and started chasing dad. He left the house in a heartbeat. "Mom is the leader by default. Does anyone disagree?" She smiled a poisoned honey smile. No one dared to disagree.

The next day, the family came out to the living room before breakfast, to find mom with the aunts in front of her, sitting in big comfy chairs. There were two other chairs in the room, and they were marked with a RESERVED plate, so everyone sat on the floor. "Today, I have created a flag for our union. It was blue in the corner with the big letter M and there were horizontal ladybugs across a white background. "The M represents Mom, your most amazing ruler. The ladybugs stand for the luck of our world, and the white represents the pureness. Gus looked up at the flag, and realized that she had used the evil one's letter. "Mom, you have used the evil one's letter. It is English." Sam cried out. "Sam, you silly little boy, haven't you read the Ten Rules recently?" Then mom read them aloud.

Ten Rules
  1. Everyone must do there shares of chores, cooking and discussing unless they are one of Mom's Chosen.
  2. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the leader.
  3. No one shall write in the language our Grandparents used. It is forbidden unless you use it to support Mom.
  4. Grandparents or anyone that Mom doesn't think is good shall never be called grandparents again, they will be called, Evil Ones.
  5. If anyone disagrees with the ideas, then they will be moved to the Caring People or be grounded, depending on Mom's decision
  6. No one shall wear outsider clothes, unless it is Mom or one of Mom's chosen.
  7. Mom's chosen ones are the only ones who get to make decisions.
  8. No one shall eat chocolate, for it is the food of the Evil Ones.
  9. No one shall ever, ever wear makeup.
  10. Every one child is going to be taught by Mom and mom alone.

That was the day that all the children were forced out of public schooling. They would be taught in mom's basement. And now, all clothing, jewelry and makeup must be given to mom. Mom said that the jumpsuits were far more attractive and comfortable than any of there designer clothing. Jewerly and makeup were unnecessary bits of things that would tamper with a young lady's natural beauty, said mom. Mom's Chosen were the elite group of people that were chosen by mom to lead the people. So far, that was Mom, Aunt Saundra, Aunt Louise and Mary, her sweet talker.
A few days later, Mom announced Aunt Louise was pregnant with her first child. The child was going to be Mom's heir. While her own children didn't understand this at all, Mary came to talk to them, using her soothing tone and calming words. "Mom only wants the best for all of you. This isn't anything personal, my dear cousins. Mom loves you all equally and never has favorites. Mom just wanted you guys to not be burdened with such a terrible responsibility. Do you really want to have to take care of all these duties that might result in a lot of stress? Of course not."

Also, a new plaque had been attached to the kitchen wall. It read, Mom always loves YOU! With a picture of a mom hugging Lily when she was a little girl. The picture had obviously been changed, Mom was wearing a deep blue robe that matched her eyes and a fancy golden dress that matched her light blond hair. Lily had her hair pulled back, and she was wearing a gray jumpsuit with an M on the right side.Mom assigned them all jumpsuits. They wore them all day and all night, except for cleaning day when they wore "outsider clothes" in order to go shopping.

Five Months Later
Alyssa never left the house, because her chore chart had grown to be a mile long, Alyssa's long burgundy hair that she loved ever so much, was cut shorter than her ears. She realized that her Grandparents were better than MOM, who wasn't just a person anymore, she was an organization. MOM was a bunch of different people, all controlling. Alyssa wanted to escape. Mom was actually not there any more. The true mom had died of cancer a three months ago. MOM was ruled by Aunt Saundra and Aunt Louise. Aunt Louise even tried to kill her own daughter to gain absolute authority. But mom was a better leader compared to this.

Aunt Saundra wore thick dark makeup, even though the rules clearly state that no makeup shall be worn, the law was now "No makeup shall be worn by Anyone who has never been a leader in MOM." Aunt Saundra had modified the "CARE Foundation". Today, everyone was going to have a little time in the CARE Foundation room. Lily died a month ago, when she was grounded. Grounded was also a new form of punishment, and it's not you average wash your mouth out with soap consequence. Aunt Saundra shoved the grounded person in a room "for your own good"
for three days, at the beginning, and if you committed the crime again, you would spend a week in the Grounded room. You would never get any food or water, only a bed. The only thing in the room was a flickering fluorescent light at the low ceiling and the steel door in the corner. Lily quickly disappeared, and Mary announced she was a traitor to everyone.

Alyssa had tried to resist MOM a few days ago. She had realized the scam that she was living in, being told that everything was for her own good and that MOM had only wanted to help you. Alyssa attempted to escape, and she knocked unconscious. Her hair had been cut for disagreeing with Aunt Saundra to show her betrayal. She walked up the hall and down a long fleet of stairs to see a smiling Aunt Louise in the basement. A scream was let out from the grounding room, from Sam who was on his second day of being in the grounded room. As she looked into the CARE foundation, she saw a giant white chair that was cold and sterile. Aunt Louise sat her in the chair and strapped her down. "We're giving you a fresh start Alyssa. We only want the best for you." Aunt Louise said. "You are making me a mindless slave! I would rather have the Grandparents then you!" Alyssa screamed, tugging at the chains. "No, Alyssa, we are just making you more agreeable. In a few minutes, all will be fine" A tear slid down Alyssa's cheek, realizing she couldn't escape. She closed her eyes and said her goodbyes to all her memories. After all, they would all be gone after this was over. Maybe, someday, she would find herself again. But for now, she had to comply. This wasn't the end, she thought. This is the beginning. MOM will be defeated eventually.

The End

Mini Saga
All the grandparents were gone and the family rejoiced. They decided a leader must be chosen. Dad seemed to be a better option, always making everyone feel safe. He was kind and gentle, a good father. Mom, even if she was their mother, terrified them. She was unpredictable.


This is not a story about my family. All resemblances to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.
Mine is going to me a mix of propaganda and class stratification, but the main focus is on propaganda.
Describe the start of your story.
  • The characters are Mom (Napoleon) and Dad(Snowball), Grandparents(Jones), Henry(Boxer),Lily(Molly), cousin Thomas(squealer), Willow (Clover), Uncle Larry(Benjamin), Alyssa (sheep and cat, clever but stupid but a vital part), Aunt Saundra (dogs), Gus and Sam (Ducks and sheep) The Johnson Residence (Pilkington), The Williams Resident (Fredrick)
  • The grandparents are controlling everyone, and Mom and Dad are sick of it. The persuade their relatives to take out the grandparents in order to make the perfect family.
  • In the end, they will end up like animal farm. I am going to try to use propaganda constantly, but it will be subtle until the very end.
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • The characters will get more dependent on the leaders and the leaders will use this to their advantage. Unlike Animal Farm, any character that disagrees will be killed and it will be as referred to as "grounding", sometimes subtle to not stir up anyone, and sometimes not as subtle to make all the kids remember that they the parents are in charge.
  • Mom becomes leader and kicks dad out, and Alyssa figures out her plot and is quickly "grounded"
  • There will be an election, mom and dad will overthrow the morals there grandparents set out for them.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • No...anyone who rebels that is considered a hero is quickly "grounded"
  • Mom and Dad constantly argue, the disappearance of Alyssa, and when the election goes terribly wrong...there will be more, of course, but I don't want to ruin it.