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Describe the start of your story.

All the characters are introduced and it talks about how bad Ytrewq has been in the last few years. Then the computer parts find out the user is going to install Qwerty, a brand new operating system that they think is going to make life supremely better. Ytrewq uses all the viruses and Mal-ware in his power to stop the take over but it is useless. Qwerty now rules the computer and hard drive. The hard drive is like the god that the other parts worship; It stands for everything they work for and love. They never realize that the Sound Board is actually starting to control him, and that things are going to get a lot worse.
  • Introduce your characters:
Qwerty- A computer program that is going to be installed in a brand new computer, takes place of Ytrewq
Ytrewq- The old computer program, hates doing what he does, controls everything, and is starting to revolt against user, has control of hard drive
Qwerty Jr.- a mini-program that Qwerty creates to be like a son, eventually realizes what is going on and runs away and hides in the mouse
Computer chips- working class, do most of the hard things
Memory- like police, can wipe memories of certain parts of computer
Power Supply- Generates electricity (food)
Sound Card- Serves Qwerty and Ytrewq, influencing their thoughts and decisions through clips of sound and blocking out other things

  • What do they want?
Qwerty- to be in charge, to rule things, to help user
Ytrewq- to destroy user, control everything
Qwerty Jr.- wants nothing more than to help dad with his rule, then discovers he wants to stop him
Computer Chips- to get work done, make computer a better place
Memory- to serve leader
Power Supply- to not work as hard, to live in a better place
Sound Card- to destroy user as well, but wants to be in charge when it happens
  • Where are they going?
What happens in the middle of your story?

Qwerty starts off his rule by making life better for everyone, making new cases, repairing parts, and generally making people love him. Everyone loves him, except for the sound board. He hates all the goody-goody that Qwerty is doing and decides to do something about it. No one realizes what he did, but they know it's bad. Then, Qwerty starts going crazy. Everything he created he takes away, and either gives it to himself, or burns it for electricity. Then he keeps making the power supplies work even harder, and eventually they just shut down. He makes them start yup again, though, but no one challenges him again. Lots of things are now going wrong for the computer. It goes really slow, it has to be restarted about once a month, and gets viruses all the time. The parts think things can't get any worse.
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
Qwerty- Starts off as gracious ruler, helps everyone, but eventually turn bitter and hates everyone
Ytrewq- Stays pretty much the same the whole story
Qwerty Jr.- Starts off as a great little kid and son. When he grows up he hates his dad and chagnes his view of everything
Computer chips- pretty much stay neutral except at end when everything goes terribly wrong
Memory- gets more and more brutal all the time, at first wipes memory only when absolutely necessary, but then just does it for fun
Power Supply-love Qwerty at beginning, but eventually revolt and refuse to keep generating electricity
Sound Card- also stays almost the same, you know he is evil at the beginning, but at end he is pure and unadulterated evil
Story- At first it talks about how good Qwerty is, and what he does to make life better, but eventually starts talking about how he hurts the computer and user and how something very bad happens

  • Plot Twists and Turns?
1. Sound Card and Memory getting more and more brutal
2. When user gets rid of Ytrewq and installs Qwerty
3. When power supply revolts
4. When found out Qwerty has virus
5. And others I don't want people to know yet!
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
Qwerty keeps doing worse and worse things and makes the computer parts and pieces hate him even more. They think that they have never seen this kind of brutality even when Ytrewq was in charge. Parts also get more and more rebellious, and all in all things get terrible in the computer.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?

And then they do. Now Qwerty has started terminating parts and programs when they question him. Now they finally figure out that the Sound Board implanted a virus in Qwerty! The computer parts know there is nothing they can do about it, but they know Sound Board had to be stopped. So they gather the smartest parts, and come up with a virus they plan to use on Sound Board. At first when they put it in him it looks like it didn't work, but after a while they can tell Sound Board is dying. Eventually he just disintegrated and was never seen again. At the end the user puts in a new Sound Board, but the machinery can tell he is way better than the other. Qwerty never gets better, but something else happens......but you'll have to read the story to find out!
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
Well the main ending is what they are expecting, but there is another part they may not have thought of.
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
Yes, readers will probably easily tell what is going on pretty quickly.
Mini Saga:
Qwerty stared at the parts, working together like, well parts in a machine, which is what they were. An idea started to grow in his head, but it didn’t seem like his. It was almost like someone planted it there. And then he said out loud, “This world is mine."
Computer Slaughter
By Carson Opela
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The Logic Bomb
The Logic Bomb

  1. 1. The Takeover

Ytrewq was done. He had been installed 15 years ago, but he had decided 5 months in the past that doing this job wasn’t even worth it anymore. But he couldn’t just leave. He had to make the user get rid of him. But for some reason he wasn’t going to go down easily. For the past 10 weeks he had been making life terrible in the computer. The computer chips had never worked harder than they had now. The power supplies almost have no electricity left to put out. And the Memory had never wiped so much memory in all their years of service. The user had started recently throwing his worst viruses and bugs at Ytrewq, but none was of any use. But now the parts had hope. They had heard the user talking about getting a new operating system.


It did sound pretty cheesy, but the way the user described it, it was the best thing to happen to the computer since computers were made. The thing was like a secret cult in the computer. Parts would sneak off in the middle of work just to worship or pray to Qwerty. The hard drive was usually the best praying spot, but hardly anyone went there because Ytrewq controlled it and they knew if he saw them there they would be goners. And then the user used his best weapon yet.


He had finally bought it and was installing it now. But Ytrewq was prepared. He had heard of this Qwerty also, and although he didn’t show it, he was afraid. He knew this would be the end of him. Before he went he wanted to make as much havoc and torment as possible. And then he sensed it approaching. The one thing that could stop him was right at his door.


And then the battle began. Ytrewq had some of the more advanced viruses to use but Qwerty was even more advanced. A lot of the viruses were useless anyway since they were to be used against the user. Eventually Ytrewq just got tired and gave up. He simply disappeared. Nothing like this had ever happened before. Sure new programs had been put in, but never was one of these events as horrid as this one. But no one cared. The only thing they cared about at the moment was that Ytrewq was gone. No one could ever believe how happy they were. But they still had some time to wait. Qwerty wasn’t fully installed yet. And so they waited. And waited. And waited. Finally Qwerty was done. At first he just appeared, taking in his surroundings. Then he noticed the parts. A huge smile spread across his face. He greeted all of them and immediately started talking about plans to improve the computer.
  1. 2. The change

The things he was talking about were revolutionary. He came up with ways to give every part their own individual case, more efficient ways for the power supplies to generate electricity, and other things that only made life better. Just like the parts had never seen such cruelty before, they had never seen such kindness now. And then he made his biggest move yet. He created a whole new entity. Qwerty Jr.
Qwerty Jr. was the kindest, most loyal son ever created (Not that children are created that way of course). Qwerty Jr. agreed with almost everything that his “dad” did. Now Sound Board had been keeping a pretty low profile since the takeover, but now he decided to do something. He realized that Qwerty’s programing was almost impenetrable from the outside, but Qwerty himself could easily put something inside, like he usually does whenever he had a small bug or something of that nature. Sound Board knew what he had to do.
During the night Qwerty had a dream. In the dream he rushed through the systems checking everything, making sure it worked properly. Then he stopped abruptly. Qwerty stared at the parts, working together like, well parts in a machine, which is what they were. An idea started to grow in his head, but it didn’t seem like his. It was almost like someone planted it there. And then he said out loud, “This world is mine.”

  1. 3. The Rebellious Child

When the parts awoke the next morning they realized something was extremely wrong with Qwerty. He had suddenly changed from a kind, warm-hearted program, into a vicious, punishing machine, with no remorse for anything. He started off the morning by gathering everyone together around the hard drive. Then he made every part one by one come up to the hard drive and swear across their own wires that they had nothing to do with Ytrewq, and if they did they would be burned. One computer chip made the mistake of laughing at this request, and had his memory erased by a Memory Stick. This is an agonizing process. One part that survived through this procedure later said that it feels like your brain is being burned from the inside out. When this torture was over, and when he realized he had nothing to live for, he jumped in the fire, and was turned into electricity. Some parts thought this was cannibalism, since they were eating electricity made from a dead colleague. Qwerty dismissed this as poppycock and continued with the swearing.
Eventually it was Qwerty Jr.’s turn. Qwerty rushed him through the oath, and tried to get him off the stage. But Qwerty Jr. stayed put. Again and again he was pushed off platform, but he always came back. This made no sense to his father, who called him a stupid, arrogant child who didn’t do what he was told. But Qwerty Jr. just sat there, silently, through all his father’s insults. Eventually, after they stared at him for what felt like hours, he just got up, walked away, and was never seen again. Qwerty disappeared for the rest of the day, putting Sound Board and a Memory Stick in charge of the swearing.
This event just made Qwerty even more devilish. Now he even started putting Memory Sticks on patrols to make sure the parts weren’t thinking of doing anything against him. And because he was like this, things in the computer started to go very wrong. Whenever something went wrong it was usually attributed to Qwerty Jr. Not because the parts actually thought this, but when Qwerty heard this statement it seemed to make him immeasurably happy. Sometimes parts would freeze up suddenly, corners of a chip would get rusty, or a wire would disappear. The most common phrase around the computer was “Darn that accursed Qwerty Jr!”

  1. 4. The Discovery

Everyone knew something was wrong. How could Qwerty start off as a great ruler, then wake up the next morning as a terrible, vile dictator. What they did know was that Sound Board had something to do with it. Luckily, now the user had put in a malware detector, and he seemed like a detective of some sort. One chip went to him in secret, after the Memory patrols were over. He even said himself he had never seen a case like this before. So now he started investigating. At first he just blended in, getting information from parts and getting to know the computer. Then he went after Sound Board. He knew he had to be careful, as Sound Board could not know he was there. After all, that monster did have the power to control what people hear by blocking out certain sections. So what the detector may have thought he heard actually may be completely different from what he is actually saying.
So it began. Malware Detector just trailed him for a while, but inched his way closer and closer. Then, right before he was about to talk to him, a Memory appeared. This one seemed different than the others. He was more square, and wasn’t as tall. But then the detective realized this was no Memory. It was a video card! These things were way more dangerous than a Sound Card. As the name implies, just like Sound Card can block sound, a Video Card can change what a part sees. This was a rare sighting of one. Usually they hang in the outskirts of the CPU, and just do what the user tells them. This was bad news. Now it seemed like they were talking about taking over the computer, but they kept talking about some program that could turn anything into an operating system. Apparently the Video Card had discovered it in a dusty part of the computer, and figured out how to make more. Malware Detector left at that part.
He got back as fast as he could and told the other parts what was going on. Then they realized it still didn’t explain Qwerty’s behavior. Then it clicked. One of the computer chips had seen Sound Board walking into Qwerty’s core processor the night after Qwerty arrived. He was carrying some glowing ball that looked like a virus. And when he came out again, it was gone. It was obvious, Sound Board had put a virus in Qwerty, which would make the user install a new operating system, then, he would use that program to disguise himself as a new operating system. The user would install him and he would have control of the computer. The parts knew they had to stop him.

  1. 5. The Betrayal and the Reclaiming

One of the parts managed to but a virus from a black-market chip in the shadier parts of the computer. They all knew the risk in revolting. If they failed, or the virus didn’t work, who knows what would happen to the computer. But they had no choice. Things would end up the same way if they didn’t do anything. And so they prepared for one night that would change everything. Sound Board was now a regular at Qwerty’s core processor. He was probably monitoring it, making sure the virus was still working. Unfortunately, it was. They knew they would capture him there. As soon as he was trapped, they would force the virus into him. The virus they chose was a Logic Bomb. When it was used against a user, it usually only deletes a file or anther important item. But used against a computer part, it was like an actual bomb, it literally blew up the part. And this plan is exactly what they did. Sound Board walked into the processor, they captured him, and they used the Logic Bomb. But it didn’t seem to work. He just sat there, waiting for it to happen, but it never did. Then, as they watched, a hole opened up in his chest, and slowly got larger and larger as time went on. Eventually he was just a pile of dust in the middle of the room. No one spoke. They were too shocked. And then they realized what they had done and they started cheering. Sound Board was gone! Then they got quiet again. At that time they comprehended that Qwerty was still infected. It was too late to do anything for him. So the rest of that night they were conflicted with two completely different emotions.

  1. 6. The Renewal

And so they waited for weeks, still with Qwerty getting even worse. Sometimes he would go completely crazy, sending Memory Sticks out to wipe the memory of a certain amount of people, and even then they occasionally purposely went over that limit just for fun. But they knew there was nothing they could do. At least the user had put a new Sound Card in, and he calmed down Qwerty a small bit. Only the user could save them now. And he did. Eventually even he noticed something was wrong with Qwerty. And at this time the electronics developers had come out with Qwerty 2.0, now more improved virus protection. Apparently the part’s user’s problem had been seen all around the world. This takeover was much the same as the first Qwerty’s. Qwerty 2.0 was simply better. And now, they have a new ruler. But what will he be like? And also, whatever happened to that Video Card who helped Sound Card? Will he come back? Will the computer ever be at peace?

The End. For Now....