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Allegory Table
What it symbolized for Orwell
What it could symbolize?
Boxer symbolized the working Class for Orwell. In Russia, workers worked very hard and were always very loyal to their leader.
Boxer represents the working class. Boxer is portrayed as being a dedicated worker, but as possessing a less-than-average intelligence. His personal motto was"I will work harder!" The novel describes the horses as being the pig's "most faithful disciples" and that they "absorbed everything that they were told [by the pigs], and passed it on to the other animals by simple arguments".
today's working Class
The Battle of the Cowshed
The Battle of the Cowshed represents the Russian Civil War. When Russia tries to " silence " the rebellions it is a lot like The Battle of the Cowshed when Mr. Jones tries to take back his farm
Animals: Rebellions
Mr. Jones: Russia Military
The Wind Mill
The Wind Mill was a big mess. Snowball wanted to build it then when he was giving a speech why they should build it. Napoleon called in the dogs then got chased away.

Animal FarmNew-England-Patriots-2006-Team-Photo.jpg
The thing that is like animal farm is like my football team. I am like Napoleon and the rest of the team is like sheep and the rest of the leaders are like Snowball and Boxer
This could symbolize any football team not just mine

1. In what ways are the animals behaving like animals? In what ways are they like animals?
Animals: They sleep in hay they are in a barn they eat animal food.
Humans: They are talking rebelling and holding grudges.
2. Review Old Major's Speech in the barn. Describe its impact on the animals.
It got them pumped up. It was like a speech by the coach before a game.
3.Why does Old Major say, "All men are enemies,all animals are comrades"? What assumptions about men and animals does this statement reflect?
He said this because he thinks humans are bad even if they aren't, from what he learned from his owner they think all humans are bad
4.The pigs began leading the other animals in the second chapter. Why were the animals so easily led?
They are led so easily because the pigs are thought of as the smartest animal in the farm so when he talks they listen so they can gain what they don't know or have
5. Explain why Snowball says to Mollie, "Those ribbons that you are devoted to are the badge of slavery."
Snowball says that because that means you do tricks and look good for the humans so she thinks when you do that you are being a slave to the humans.
6. Examine the Rebellion and its aftermath. Describe the effect on the animals.

7.Review the seven commandments. There is a strong statement implicit in the concerning mankind. What is it?

8.Examine the relationship between Animalism and Marxism

9.A utopia is a place of ideal perfection. In what way could the farm have been a perfect place for a Utopian community?











20. Why is Mollie rejected by the other animals?
She got caught interacting with the humans.
21. What happens bewteen Snowball and Napoleon over the windmill issue.
They started arguing whether they should build it or not.
22. Compare and contrast the life on the farm under Jones's Rule and Napoleons's Rule
Their really is no difference bewteen the two other than ones human and cant talk to the animals and one is an animal and can talk to the other animals. To compare them they are both manipulitve or over ruling although what the animals want to be doing i think Mr. Jones did a better job at ruling where animals got equal share.
23. How has obedience and loyalty come to replace freedom and bravery on the farm?
It has come to replace freedom by if you dont listen to me i will blackmail you so you dont really get a chose in anything so they dont have any freedom.
24. Squealer squelches the animals' argument about Napoleons takeover. Describe this technique. Would you consider it propaganda? Explain
Yes because it is telling the other animals about how Napoleon is taking over the barn so maybe the other animals will see that Snowball is doing it to and put him in charge
25. Boxer's motto is, " I will work harder." Explain how this shapes his character.
I think this shapes his character by being a lier becuase he says this quite often and never follows up on it. I feel like the animals will soon realize this and hopefully do something about.
26.The windmill is eventually built. How does Napoleon establish credit for this?
He takes credit by after disagreeing with Snowball he changes his mind and says we will build the windmill. I believe that he always liked the idea but waited so he could say the idea was all his to build the windmill.
27. Napoleon begins changing the laws to suit his needs. Fink examples of this. Describe how the animals are forced to accept these changes.
They are forced to accept these changes because their is nobody that will try to take leadership that is right. so Napoleon is very manipulitive. it dosnt matter that other people want it he dosnt so they dont have it.
28. Several euphemisms have been used throughout the novel thus far. Explain what "tatics" have been used
I think their is a lot of black mailing in this book if you dont do this Jones will come back.

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Thought Questions

Question 1: We think that the animals didn't run away with Moses because they weren't totally sure that Sugarcandy Mountain was real. They weren't 100% sure that they wanted to take the risk of going somewhere that had never been seen or confirmed of before.

Question 2: The significance of the song "Beasts of England" is that it gave the animals hope and courage to start a new government and make a better place to live in. During the Rebellion, it told the animals what good things would happen when they started a new government.

Question 3: Their resentment vanished because now they worked for food and improvements for themselves and the farm. Jones made them work just for himself so that he could get money, food, and rest.

Question 4: Napoleon was against the windmill because he said that by building the windmill, the animals would be hungry and have less food because they wouldn't be able to farm as much. He changed his mind because he thought the windmill was a huge improvement and he wanted credit for building and thinking of it. He also wanted the good things it provided

Question 5: Snowball prompted the fight by making a brilliant speech to support the windmill vote. The animals were all for it. Napoleon then whistled a high pitch squeal and the dogs went after Snowball. None of the animals stepped in because they didn't want to get bitten and attacked. They also were in shock when that happened and weren't sure what was going on.

Question 6: Squealer's philosophy led the animals to believe that despite everything, Napoleon was trying to make sure that the best happened for the animals and the farm. The animals accepted this and that's why they were easy to lead and did not rebel.

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