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The Singing Sisters


Angelina Birdwell
These are the three sisters. Annabeth, Destiny and Sarah.
These are the three sisters. Annabeth, Destiny and Sarah.
This is the magical world that the sisters find and live in forever.
This is the magical world that the sisters find and live in forever.

Long ago, in a far away land, there lived three sisters in a castle with their step parents. Annabeth, Destiny and Sarah were the sisters names and Amanda and Hagrid were their step parents. Right after there youngest daughter Sarah was born, the girls parents died in a terrible boating accident. That was all the girls knew because their step parents never really told them exactly what happened.

I, Annabeth am 15, the oldest, Destiny is 13, the middle child and Sarah is 3, the baby. Our step parents are not very kind to us especially our step mom. Amanda always makes us work, as if we were slaves and she doesn't reward us at all for our efforts. If we complain she would always tell us that our parents trusted them enough to leave us with them so we should be thankful that they take care of us and that we wouldn't want to dissapoint our parents by not trusting their judgement. None of us could argue with that. Supposedly Amanda and Hagrid had been best friends with our parents before they had died. One thing that my sisters and I love to do is sing. Many days when were cleaning floors, we like to sing to pass the time. Little Sarah even joins in sometimes. See, our mother had been a very good singer and I guess it had passed on to us. All that my sisters and I want to do is sing, but our step father hates us singing so it is forbidden in the house.

One day when my sisters and I were getting cleaned up and ready for dinner, Destiny tripped over something. It was a piece of stone on the floor. It was different then all the other tiles. Sarah crawled over and curious about what the tile was, she pushed it down. All of a sudden, a bright light shone through all the cracks of the tile and then the it burst into a million tiny pieces. Then, one by one, all the other tiles surrounding it started to burst too. All the tiles around them kept on bursting until there was a big square shaped hole in the floor with bright light coming out of it. Noticing that our step parents hadn't heard, a golden staircase appeared and my sisters and I went down towards the magnificently bright light. As we went down the golden staircase, we noticed the tiles replanting themselves above us, closing the way we had come in. How are we going to get out I thought. As I began to worry, I suddenly forgot what I was worrying about because my sisters and I had just entered a whole new world. This place was made up of golden fountains, many varieties of beautiful flowers, gorgeous clear blue water and luscious green grass. Carrying Sarah, i found myself starting to run down the staircase with Destiny right behind me. at the end of the staircase we found a note. It was from our mother. The note told us that our mother had left us this place as a place that we could escape to any time we wanted and sing to our hearts content. After reading the letter, all of us began to rejoice and shout out loud. Then we began to sing and dance and we felt as if we were flying. In my mind i wished that there were handsome men with great voices here to harmonize with us and all of a sudden, some of the flowers near me opened up, released a powder and formed a golden man who began to sing with us. The flowers granted our every wish, food, clothes, people, whatever we wanted! Without realizing it, we had stayed there for 3 days and then I remembered our step parents. I knew how upset they would be if they found out what we were doing. I then realized that we had to keep this place a secret or Amanda and Hagrid would take it away forever. After enjoying our last song in our new wonderful world, we wished the staircase would reappear and the entrance would reopen. When it did, we slowly climbed our way up and peeked into our room to make sure no one was there before we entered. The coast was clear so we climbed up and watched as the tiles replanted themselves to look as if nothing had ever happened.

After a good nights sleep back in our beds, filled with dreams of our perfect place, we awoke and got ready for another days work as usual. Right before we walked out we heard voices outside. Many voices, as if a crowd was standing right outside the front door. We peeked through our window and saw Amanda and Hagrid standing on the steps with news reporters surrounding them. Cameras and microphones in their face I noticed that Amanda was crying as she answered the questions being thrown out at them. Hagrid said nothing, instead he nodded and added an occasional "mmhhmm". I leaned closer into the window so that I could hear what they were saying. It was hard, but I could make out what everyone was saying. Then I jumped back in surprise, realizing what they were talking about. They were talking about us! They were telling the reporters that the girls had beaten them and then run off with their credit cards. Filled with anger, I was tempted to rush out there and scream at her that she was lying and prove her wrong, but then I noticed many police men standing guard at the ends of the steps. I listened more to what Amanda was telling them and apparently the guards were there to arrest us if we came back. Scared and mad all at once I grabbed Sarah and Destiny and rushed back to the room. The staircase reappeared and down we went. Explaining to Destiny what had happened, I told her that we were going to stay here for the rest of our lives. While I was talking to Destiny, I hadn't noticed that Sarah had crawled away and wished she was back in her crib. Of course, granting her wish, the staircase appeared and she crawled her way up. Right as the tiles had replaced themselves, Amanda walked in. Astonished, she quickly grabbed Sarah by the arm and dragged her outside to show the guards. Not long after she had left, we noticed that Sarah was gone. Immediately we rushed up the stairs and back into our room and we saw Sarah's rattle that she must of dropped. We looked all throughout the room. Under the beds, in her crib and in the closet but she was nowhere to be found. Then I noticed a note sitting on the bed. It only said, "come find Sarah.' Terrified we ran out and confronted our step parents. Instantly we were arrested and put into the cop cars. As Hagrid filled out paper work, Amanda got in the front seat of the car, turned around and looked at us with great discuss. She told us that the only way she would bail us out is if we told her where we had been. She said if we didn't, she would take Sarah away from us forever and leave us to rot in jail. Forced to choose between our beautiful world and Sarah, we had to think. Suddenly I got an idea.

I told Amanda that there was something in my room that would explain everything we had been doing. Reluctantly, she undid my handcuffs and Destiny's too. Casually getting out of the car, trying not to act suspicious I began to walk towards the front door. Grabbing Destiny, we dashed inside and locked the door. Then, we ran into our room and locked the door. Picking Sarah out of her crib, we pushed the tile down and grabbed all our belongings that were most important. Right as the staircase appeared, we heard a banging on the door. Amanda had already banged down the front door and was trying to get into our room. Hurriedly, we ran down the staircase and watched as the tiles replaced themselves. Just in the nick of time, the tiles were back in place as Amanda crashed through the door. Feeling an over whelmed sense of relief, I fell to the ground holding Sarah tight in my arms not ready to let go. For a while, Destiny sitting next to me and Sarah still in my arms, we just sat there in silence taking in everything that had just happened. We were free. Free from our step parents and any work we had to do and now we were in our beautiful world that was a memory of our mother. In a way, we felt as if she was with us, somehow watching over us. We could in peace.

The End




Describe the start of your story.

My story will start out telling about three sisters and their terrible life.
I will tell how close the sisters are and how mean their step parents are. They are treated like slaves and forced to work like animals. I will explain how their real parents died and how they got their step parents.
  • Introduce your characters:
  • Annabeth, Sarah and Destiny.

  • What do they want?
  • To get away from their miserable life and to be able to sing to their hearts content.

  • Where are they going?
  • They go to a secret world that their true mother had found and had left for them.
What happens in the middle of your story?

In the middle of my story, the three sisters discover the secret world that their real mom left for them. They will discover all the magical things they can do in the world and find out that this place was left by their mom so that it could be a place where they could sing all night and all day and not have to worry about a thing.
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
  • My characters develop as they stay in their magical world and enhance their singing skills.

  • Plot Twists and Turns?
  • My plot twists and turns as it gets closer to the climax. The girls are faced with an ultimatum between their magical world and their sister.

  • How will you lead up to the climax?
  • Right as everything seems to be perfect and the girls are enjoying their wonderful magic world they find out what their step parents are doing.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?

In the end, the sisters have to decide whether their going to save the world or their little sister. Their step parents have gone public with the girls disappearance saying that they beat the step parents and then ran off somewhere so when they found the youngest of the sisters wondering around, they took the oppurtunity to blackmail the girls into coming back to work.
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
  • No, my ending is very surprising and will shock the reader.

  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
  • No

Mini Saga

Annabeth and Destiny were so busy singing and dancing in their new world that they didn’t even notice that Sarah was gone. It wasn’t until they returned to their room that they noticed Sarah was missing and something was wrong. They found a note that only said, “come find Sarah."