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Animal Farm Study Guide

Allegory Table

What it symbolized for Orwell
What does it symbolize to me.
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Boxer symbolized the working class for Orwell. In Russia, workers worded very hard and were always very loyal to their leader. Boxer represents the working class. Boxer is considered a great worker but not that intelligent which makes him very useful for the pigs. His motto, "I will work harder", shows that he is a loyal worker who aims to please his masters.
To me Boxer symbolizes today's working class. USA
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The dogs symbolize the military or police. They are taken at young ages and are taught only about what Napoleon wants. Later on in the book, after they're fully grown, the dogs follow Napoleon and the other pigs around as their body guards and doing what ever they're told by them. They represent the people who only obey one person like the soldiers only obey they're officers.
To me the dogs remind me of the young men in different countries who are taken to war at young ages and brain washed to do only what they're leader wants.
Beasts of England
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This song is a metaphor for the idea of communism. In the book, the song is spread throughout the country as was the idea of communism. The song spread the idea of animalism just as communism was spread and even adopted to some countries.
To me the song represents animalism and also courage. This song gave the animals courage to rebel and gave them a goal of what they wanted to reach.
Battle of the Cowshed
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The battle of cowshed represented the war of the Reds and Whites that went on in Russia until 1920. The Reds represent the animals who want to govern themselves and the Whites represent the humans who want to control the animals.
To me this battle represents something similar to the Revolutionary War, which is when the USA became free and this war showed that the animals could keep themselves free from the humans.
Animal Farm
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Animal Farm represented what happened between 1917-1945 in Russia and how any society will eventually become unequal.
To me animal farm represents all society's and how no society can let everyone be exactly equal. There will always be someone who is above someone else. For example, North middle school is like animal farm. All the teachers and principles at this school try and make all the students feel equal. They make a lot of rules that benefit themselves and also a lot of rules that we have to follow. The teachers represent the pigs and the students represent the rest of the animals.

Questions for chapters 1&2

1) The animals are acting like animals because by curling up in the hay and eating things that animals eat. The animals are acting like humans by talking, singing and rebelling.

2) Old Major's speech had a big impact on the rest of the animals. He was explaining to them that they were being treated badly and that they deserved better. Old Major was starting a rebellion and the rest of the animals were in on it too.

3) Old Major says this in his speech because he feels that all men are there enemies for the way they treat animals. He feels that all animals should stick together and its unfair that mostly animals do all the work and humans are still in charge. This is assuming that humans don't care about animals and that animals have more value then humans do and that animals should be in charge.

4) The pigs led the other animals because they were considered the cleverest out of the rest of the animals. The animals were easily led because Old Major had been a pig plus, since the pigs were the smartest they would be the ones that came up with the laws and concepts of there new rules.

5) Snowball tells Mollie that the ribbons she wears are the badge of slavery because the ribbons are made out of cloth which is made by humans and her owners are the ones who tie those on her so anything related to humans is against what there believing in.

6) This rebellion made the animals very happy at first, but afterward you could tell that they were starting to struggle a little bit. Some animals began to not want to do "Anamalism" any more and they just wanted there masters back. Others began to believe into the lie that Moses, the raven, had been telling. After the animals had finally gotten what they wanted, they started to realize that it was going to be a little harder then they had expected.

7) One of the seven commandments that implies a strong statement concerning mankind is "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy."

8) Marxism and Anamalism are quite similar. They both were created because of the same reason. They both want equality.

9) The farm could have been a perfect place for utopia, in a manner of how the animals on the farm are trying to create a place where it would be perfect for them. A world where everything they want is perfect.

Questions for chapters 3&4

1) Some ways that the farm is becoming more like a civilized society are that they are having jobs, multiple comity's and getting educations.

2) The flag for the farm is green with a white hoof and horn on it. The green part of the flag represents the green fields of England and the hoof and horn represents the future Republic of the Animals, which they believe will arise after the human race is overthrown.

3)Evidence that Snowball and Napoleon are starting to go into a power struggle would be that their starting to try and create comity's and teach as many of the other animals as possible because they're struggling with making all the decisions and their not handling all that power responsibly.

4) The new slogan of the seven commandments is a good propaganda technique because its a catchy phrase that can be remembered easily and its easy to know what it means.

5) The pigs are set up to be the elite on the farm because pigs are considered very intelligent, plus old major was a pig.

6) Squealer helped brainwash the pigs by persuading them that the pigs need to have all the milk and the main crops of the apples so they can keep there health up.

7) The Battle of the Cowshed and the rebellion are different because in the rebellion, the animals just ran there owners out, but in the Battle of the Cowshed they were attacking and injuring the humans and getting them off of their new territory at all cost. Also, in the rebellion, the animals attacked first but in the Battle of the Cowshed the humans attacked first.

8) After the battle, certain people are decorated with medals as rewards for their bravery. Everyone's happy and celebrating.

9) Its ironic that the animals are willing to die for a society that they each have the power because the pigs are the ones who want all the power and control.

Questions for chapters 5&6

1)The other animals rejected Mollie because she was sneaking off when she was supposed to be working to go be with a human who pets her and gave her sugar cubes. This was against the seven commandments and when Clover confronted her about it, she denied it and ran off.

2) Snowball and Napoleon, as usual, are arguing about the windmill, but on the day that there was to be a voting about it, Napoleon took it to far and called the pups he had been training to attack Snowball and get rid of him.


Jones Rule

Napoleons Rule

Didn't care much about the animals.
Much more controlling and demanding.
Got drunk a lot.
Got drunk with power.
Wanted animals only for money.
Wanted animals to do all the work.

4) Squealer persuades the animals that Snowballs actions at Battle of the Cowshed wasn't about freedom and loyalty, that it was more just for show and attention, and that obedience and loyalty are more important.

5) Whenever the animals are puzzled or doubting Napoleons new rules, Squealer always comes and convinces the animals that what hes doing is alright and telling them lies so that Napoleon looks like hes doing good for them. I think this is propaganda because Squealer is promoting Napoleon, his "greatness" and all of the rules that he keeps changing.

6) Boxers motto shapes his character because he is a very hard worker who likes to accomplish things and get them done.

7) Napoleon takes credit for the windmill because he thinks just because it was his plans and he forced the animals to work on it everyday that it was because of him that it got done.

8) Napoleon keeps changing the laws to fit his needs. For example, he adds the words with sheets to the law "No animals shall sleep in a bed" so that he can still sleep in the bed, he just has to take off the sheets and replace them with blankets. The animals are forced to believe that him changing the laws to fit his needs are okay because they think that since hes the smart one who makes all the decisions and keeps the farm going that he should get special privileges. Also, Squealer goes around convincing everyone its okay, and he always brings up the phrase, " surely you wouldn't want Jones to return" and none of the animals can argue with that.

9) As Napoleon uses it, tactics is where you pretend to do something so that you can get rid of what you believe is a bad influence.

Questions for chapters 7&8

1) Napoleon makes everything seem okay by using Squealer to sweet talk the animals into thinking that they're just going through a rough patch and announcing false information on how much the foodstuff had increased and other things.

2) When the hens try to thwart Napoleon, he tells all the other animals that they shall not be fed as long as they stay up in the rafters. Some of them go through with the plan and die while others give up, come down and let him have the eggs.

3) The memory of Snowball kept the animals in line because Napoleon has Squealer tell all the other animals that all the the things that they remember Snowball doing to help the farm was really him trying to make them meet their doom.

4) Napoleon has four of the pigs confess to certain crimes then has them executed. Napoleon does this to show all the other animals that if they do something that is against what he has told them to do then there will be severe punishment. This makes Napoleon seem very powerful.

5) After the executions, Clover starts to sing Beasts of England because she's remembering the true reason why Old Major had started the rebellion. This shows that Clover knows what the result should be and that things are not happening the way they're supposed to.

6) Napoleon's reason for abolishing the Beasts of England is that it was a song of rebellion and that the executions was the last act of rebellion. He also said that the song showed that they still wanted a better society even though they had already reached that goal, so clearly the song was no longer needed. The true reason was that the song gave the animals courage and told them what they kind of society they were supposed to have and Napoleon did not want that.

7) An example of how Napoleon is lying to the animals is at the very beginning of chapter 8, Squealer tells the animals that the product of their foodstuff has increased by three hundred to five hundred percent which was not true.

8) The poem tells of how kind, caring and great Napoleon is which makes him seem like the perfect leader.

Battle of Cowshed
Battle of the Windmill
Few injuries and deaths
Many deaths and injuries
Only one gun and few humans

Under Napoleons Rule
Awards were given afterwards.

Humans had more weapons and came more prepared

Questions for chapters 9&10

1) I do not no what is meant by spontaneous demonstration.

2) Napoleon allowed Moses back because Moses was a good sweet talker and made the animals feel better about working by telling them about sugarcandy mountain.

3) Boxer is admired by the other animals because he is such a hard worker and has alot of courage and has done alot for the farm. The animals are led to believe that he is being sent to a veterinarian when hes actually being sent to a slaughter house. Squealer covers this up by saying that the veterinarian bought the van from the slaughter house and hasn't had the time to paint it.

4) The knacker represents Jones and the other farmers who would either sell their animals for slaughter or do it themselves.

5) The two classes on the farm are the pigs/dogs and all the other animals. The pigs and dogs are the leaders or the upper class. The rest of the animals are the workers and the servants or the peasants. It became like this because the pigs were automatically given the leadership at the beginning because they were considered the smartest so they got all drunk with power and took control of everything and the other animals aren't as smart as then so they manipulate them and confuse them so they just go with what they say.

Government of Animal Farm

Totalitarian state
At the beginning, Jones was in control of all the animals and the whole farm. For example, Jones made the animals work very hard all day and barley fed them. He treated the animals terribly and had all the control.
After the animals overthrew Jones, the farm became a communism. All the animals did the work and shared the rewards equally. For example, one of the first things the animals did after they overthrew Jones was collect the harvest of hay for the year. All the animals chipped in and worked hard because they were happy that they were working for themselves.
As the animals on the farm continued with their newly found freedom, the pigs decided, with them being the cleverest and all, that they would become the leaders. Although the pigs never made a decision without first letting the other animals vote for what they wanted, so they still had a say so for what happened on the farm.
Constitutional Monarchy
As the farm started to get used to their freedom, the leaders, otherwise known as the pigs, decided that they should have some rules. For example, the pigs who knew how to read and write came up with the 7 commandments that all animals were to follow.
As time went on, the pigs became more and more drunk with power and continued changing the laws and making new ones as they pleased. By now, there was one main pig who was in charge, Napoleon. He made all the laws fit to give him the advantage and make all the other animals do what he wanted. For example, Napoleon got rid of one of the 7 commandments, which was no animals shall consume alcohol, just so he and the rest of the pigs could drink it.

Thought Questions 7-13

7. I think the leader should not make all the decisions for the group because the leader makes decisions to uplift themselves.

8. The pigs moved into the house with little fuss by telling the other animals that they are the ones that really work the hardest and kept the farm going so they deserved more then the rest of them.

9.No one complained when the pigs got to sleep in because the animals were threaten by the dogs and what the pigs would do to them if they objected.

10. Napoleon knew that snowball had destroyed the windmill because supposedly he could smell them.

11. Clover thinks thing are better then they were when Jones was there because shes just happy that they're free from humans and did the work for themselves.

12. Boxer works so hard because first of all he likes to work and second of all he wanted to please everyone like the pigs and the rest of the animals.

13. Utopia in this book was represented by Beasts of England and Old Majors speech. The image of what they wanted for a society at the beginning of the book changed throughout the book because of the pigs.