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My Perfect Classroom

Subject: Science

Members: Carter Storrusten, Carson Opela, and Alex Houtz

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Unit One: Newton's Laws

For our first unit, we are going to learn about Newton's Laws. We think that learning about how gravity and motion works is very important. Firstly, we will go over the first law; which is: "Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it."

It basically is dealing with inertia. For example, this law says that if you throw a ball, it will keep going until an something else stops it. Gravity, a person, a tree, or something else could be that force.
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Second, we will go over the second law; which is: "The relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector." This law is saying that if a force is applied to something, it will cause a change in velocity. For example, if you throw a ball and someone knocks it away, a force is changing its velocity.
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Lastly, we will cover the third law; which is: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." This law is the thing that happens when you step out of a boat onto land. When you step out, the boat will be pushed back. This could possibly trip you if you are not careful! Students will look up these laws on the Internet and write an example of each of the laws. They will also present their examples on the computer or in front of the class. That is what our first unit would be like.
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Unit Two: Tornadoes?

Our second unit will be tornadoes. We will discover how the tornado forms and how the air circulates and becomes a funnel. Another thing that we will learn is what kind of tornadoes there are, from simple dust devils to full F5 tornadoes. We will also learn about the clouds that warn when a tornado is coming. Another thing that our class will learn is the amount of damage tornadoes cause each year in the United States and how much it costs. Another thing that the students will do is build a diagram of a tornado and use computers to research it. They will also present an essay about the ranking of tornadoes.

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Unit Three: Ancient Ocean

No we are not talking about when your grandpa was a kid, prehistoric is when the dinosaurs ruled the earth! We will be learning about the different stages of how the ocean could have been formed, and what weird and wonderful creatures inhabited the sea. We will show an experiment to show how the ocean was possibly formed, and how it could shrink over time. We will find what kind of creatures are here in the ocean today. The students will compose an essay or put together a presentation about one ancient ocean creature. The students will have to present the evolution and Creation side of the formation of the world now, without leaning toward either side.
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Our List of Needs
Students to Teacher Ratio
Equipment that will be needed
Rubber Ball, skate board, tornado video, television, 12 computers, , 12
desks,paper,pencils, smart board, projector, ancient sea animals poster, Science Rocks! banner, tub and sand, water, small hos.
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Room Dimensions
22ft by 22ft.
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Class Members
Teachers: Mr. Agamenoni and Mrs. Los Ofisics
Students: Jake, Jack, Rocky, Joe, Nathan, Bob, Steve, Larden, Perlect, Wall-e
Trait One:
Patient-The teachers need to be patient so that the students can ask questions and not be afraid
of a teacher that would yell and become impatient quickly.The students would learn better.
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Trait Two:
Humble-The teachers should be humble because students don't like to hear their teachers brag
about their accomplishments. They like teachers to promote the students' accomplishments.
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Trait Three:
Educated-The teachers should be educated so that they can teach the students. If they are
very smart, the students would learn a lot and become smart themselves.
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Trait Four:
Hilarious-The teachers should be hilarious because students don't like a boring professor. Funny
teachers help keep the classroom morale high and keep the air light.
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Trait Five:
Challenging-The teachers should challenge the students so that the students learn more. This
helps the students go farther in their education.
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Trait Six:
Helpful-The teachers should be helpful because students need help sometimes. They need
a teacher to assist them. A teacher should be able to help a student understand a certain
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Trait Seven:
Open Minded-The teachers should be open minded because students don't like a super
stubborn teacher. Students like a teacher who is willing to admit their mistake and learn
something new.
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List of Class Room Rules
Rule One
Listen to the Teacher:
The student shall not argue with the one in command.
Rule Two
Get your homework done in time:
The student shall always turn his homework in on the due date unless an extension is granted
Rule Three
Do your homework right all the time:
The student shall always meet all expectations to the best of his/her ability
Rule Four
The bell doesn't dismiss you, the teacher does:
The student shall always wait for the teacher to dismiss the class
Rule Five
Before you have a question that you want to ask the teacher, ask a partner and consult the book first:
The student shall always try to figure out his/her question before asking the teacher
Rule Six
Respect your peers:
The student shall always respect his/her peers
Rule Seven
Pay attention in Class:
The student shall always spend his energy in the classroom learning and gathering information
Rule Eight
Greet new challenges enthusiastically
The student shall always try to enjoy the new unit and other challenges with enthusiasm
Rule Nine
Never ever whine in class:
The student shall not ever whine or complain about a new unit or subject
Rule Ten
Be quiet when the teacher or another class mate is presenting in the front of the class:
The student shall never talk when another person has permission to speak
Rule Eleven
Gum is allowed when there is not an investigation going on
The student may chew gum until the class is doing an experiment or is investigating something.
Three Disciplinary Actions
Action One
The student will be given a warning to stop
The teacher will tell the student to stop and give a reason why.
Action Two
The student will be given detention after class
The teacher will tell the student to stay after school for thirty minutes. If the reason is severe enough (which
the teacher will decide) then multiple days may be given.
Action Three
The student will be written up and given an O.R. A phone call home will also be initiated.
The teacher will write up the student and send him/her to the office. The teacher will also make the student
call home with a reason for why he was written up and to apologize.