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Entry Five:
October 27, 2011
Writing Activity Two
The day my grandpy fell off the Golden Gate Bridge is a day I will never forget. "Old Pappy" was his nickname and I can't believe Grammy would push him like that...I thought she loved him. Grandpa was a pirate, just like that one movie he saw. Made out of wood, was his peg. A great river was under the bridge. Sort of a 100 foot drop. Of course, my grandpy survived, he was the swimmer of his time. Ring, which was the name of my grammy, laughed her head off; that is until he reached the river bank. "Of all the great things he ever did, this is by far the greatest; he didn't even get hit by that ocean liner." she shouted. Fire danced in my grandpy's eyes when he caught up to my grammy; but of course he forgave her right away. Round the spot where my grandpy fell off, there was a huge whirlpool forming. Them were terrified. With my grandpy's great luck, he got out before this natural phenomenon. His muscles shown in the sun, because they were wet from the swim. Great beads of sweat formed around his brow line, but it could have been water for all I know. Forehead, either with water or sweat, shining, he walked across the rest of the bridge and sat on the mainland. And he and Grammy lived happily ever after. The whole thing was a huge adventure, and also a very weird one, because afterwards something strange happened. Fruit suddenly came jumping at them from all over the place. Danced in a circle around them, they did. Around the whole world had this never happened. Inside the fruit happened to be jumping beans inside of them. It was discovered that this was true when Grandpy took a bite of fruit. And Grandpy jumped in surprise. Promptly, the jumping beans that were inside that apple had started jumping in his stomach. Fell, down and jumped up those beans did. Down the bank Grandpy went until he had finally hit the deck and bounced into the river, again; no doubt Grammy had set this up.

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Entry Four:
October 17, 2011
Writing Activity Two

The four nannies had just jumped up and down when a basket of fruit, which had lost their tree, filed into the chicken coop, squishing feebly and jumping from side to side to find some place where they would not be sat on. The old grandpa made a sort of ring of fire round them with his great forehead, and the fruit danced around inside it and promptly fell down. At the last moment the young farmer, the weird, ugly and smelly who drew the pigeon's trap, came waddling clumsily in, chewing at a block of cheese.

external image fresh%20fruit%20basket.jpg

Entry Three:
October 11, 2011
Writing Activity One
I was watching Field of Dreams. I was sitting on the couch in our new living room and watching our 40 something inch flat screen TV that was made by the winking smiley face type thing company. I was thinking about many things. It was amazing. I liked the part when the brother of the main character's wife comes and argues with the family. Then when the doctor boy comes off the field and turns into the old man again, he finally sees all of the old and famous baseball players. I also like when the main character and the book writer pick up the doctor boy on the side of the road. They look at each other in surprise and go whoah, we just picked up the ball player that we were looking for, the one who only got to bat once in the pros. Also, I just realized that I was watching it on Encore, the movie channel that we have. We don't have Showtime or HBO, like I wish we did, but it costs like an extra $40 a month for each one! SO ANNOYING! Oh well.October 26, 2011 I found that guys had a blast watching da jocks play ball. That was amazing that sportsy guys only to humans that actually can in vision watch.

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Entry Two:
October 7, 2011
I am the most like Snowball and Squealer and Boxer
I am the most like Snowball, Squealer, and Boxer. First, my personality is like Snowball. I like to come up with improvements. I also am convincing and persuasive when it comes to something I really want. Secondly, I am sort of like Squealer. I always try to persuade people to like my ideas and support other people's ideas. Also, I try to make my ideas seem very awesomely good. Lastly, I am like Boxer. I work hard to get good grades. I also work hard to get into ECS and National Junior Honour Society. This is how I am like Snowball, Squealer, and Boxer. I like the colour of your hair and of your iPad 2

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Entry One:
September 27, 2011
Web Quest Assignment
During this assignment I learned many things:
  1. I learned that the U.S. went in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.
  2. I learned that the U.S. set up the video of the tearing down of the Saddam Huissein statue.
  3. I learned that the U.S. took two videos of the Saddam Huissein statue and sent one to the Middle East and one to the U.S.
  4. I learned that the U.S. said that the Iraqi government had helped Al Quida and housed them.
  5. I learned that the U.S. had media set up a lot of pictures to help the U.S. citizens believe that the U.S. did everything right.
One thing that I would have done different is that I would have made a different project, like the PPT or a Prezi.
I kinda liked this project because I learned a lot of things, but there was a whole lot of work and I had to work really hard. However, it was fun and made me learn a lot.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQdIlNmyOkMylG4uHrPFEj9M1kOdkl7MmTCHvme-yerUcbDK_32 external image US_Army_logo.png