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web quest 9/27/11
i think if i could approach this differently i would give more facts I DON'T LIKE WEB QUESTS
animal farm 10/7/11
I think I am the most like boxer. I think this beacause I sometimes don't question athority. I am somewhat afraid of athority. I will also do alot of things for people
I will do things for people because I am nice. That is why I am like boxer.
deangroom 10/11/11
In Transformers Dark of the Moon Sam and the Autobots are trying to save the world, for the 3rd time. An old Autobot by the name of Sentinel Prime Betrays the Autobots and helps the Decepticons Bring Cybetron to earth. There is a human that helps the Decepticons persuade the United States to send the Autobots away from earth. Then Starscream blows up their ship. Then the autobots return to save the day.
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dean groom 10/17/11
The 5 old people had just had a nervous breakdown when a flying dolphin, which had lost his pod, flew into the mouse hole feebly and floated from side to side to find some place where he would not be hit by an airplane. the old people made a sort of wall round him with some straw, and the flying dolphin nestled down inside it and promptly fell asleep. At the last moment the dolphin, the foolish, pretty bottle nose, sprung Mr. Jones's trap, came mincing daintily in, chewing a piece of seaweed.
dean groom
I watched TDOTM with popcorn and pop and my family.
At my mom's party i got hit by a flying punch bowl. The bowl broke. Last people weren't allowed. Moments are common with couples. The party was crazy. Dolphins are in the pool. The party went on for weeks. Foolishly the dolphins beached themselves inside. Pretty birds dropped dead in midair from the scent of the dolphins. Bottles of coke were in the fridge. Nose people joined the party. sprung Mr. Jones's trap, came mincing daintily in, chewing a piece of seaweed.