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10-27-2011-Blog Post #4-DeanGroom-
At the bank the woman withdrew one penny. First, though, she spit bubblegum at the teller. The teller was so afraid he gave her the penny. Outlaw that she was, even a penny was a fortune. Wakes of fear spread throughout the bank. Up the stairs she went, growling at anyone who toughed the floor. In the vault she expected to find mounds of riches. The real truth was that it only had two cents. Middle of the floor, the money sat. Of all the banks in the world, she had chosen to rob the poorest one. The outlaw eventually just walked out, disappointed. Desert pigs chomped at her skin the entire walk. People find him but they want to turn him in for a cash reward.

10-11-2011- Blog Post #3- DeanGroom- I saw the movie Cowboys and Aliens. The characters were an outlaw who didn't know who he was, aliens, a sheriff, and a lot of townspeople. At first the outlaw wakes up in the middle of the desert. People find him but they want to turn him in for a cash reward. He steals their clothes and horses and rides to the nearest town. He finds friends, but they are all kidnapped the night after he arrives. They chase after the thing that took everyone else. They find the alien spaceship and they have a huge battle. The girl takes the outlaw's gun-bracelet and blows up the ship. Activity #3: It turns out that a girl was a girl from out of this world.

10 - 7 - 2011 - Blog post #2 - I think am most like Snowball and Boxer. I am like Snowball for a couple reasons. First, I would never have gone along with such drastic changes that Napoleon put in place. I also think I am very clever and definitely would have been able to come up with plans for the windmill. Napoleon could have easily blamed the mess on me, but I would have found a way to get back at him soon, like Snowball with the windmill. I think I am like Boxer because other times i just go along with things and do what I am told. I also like to work hard when asked to, but I doubt I have anywhere near the strength that Boxer does.I think I am like these characters because some of the traits that they have and they share with me, but I think I am more like Snowball then Boxer though.

9-26-2011-Blog Post #1- Webquests are not my favorite thing, but they aren't that bad. I liked doing this project more than others, but mostly because I like when I get to use technology. I learned a lot about the 5 Themes pf Geography, and a lot about how they affect each country. I am glad we did this project.
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