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Allegory Table

What it symbolized for Orwell
What it could symbolize
Snowball was Leo Trotsky, a main leader in the Russian revolution, but was one of Stalin's biggest enemies after he realized what was going on. He and Stalin had very different ideas. Trotsky was for empowering the working class, while Stalin was for controlling them. Snowball and Napoleon were very alike those two in that manner.
external image 395px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R15068%2C_Leo_Dawidowitsch_Trotzki.jpg
I think Trotsky could represent a presidential candidate. Candidates usually agree with the president when he first come into office, but after a little bit of time they run against him and try to take his place.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIpPAoa48NNCRlaJAtwFu95J22ECLh3ypHMrBW6e82A7upgO_2tcH-lg9ZwQ
Battle of the Windmill
The battle of the Windmill represented the Battle of Stalingrad, a major turning point in WWII. Germany ignored the non-aggression pact, and attacked Russia. At this point the U.S.S.R. joined with the Allies and attacked Germany. Hitler realized he wanted all the land, just like Frederick decides he wants to get rid of animal farm and get it's land.
external image IMG_3141.JPG
I think the Battle of The Windmill could be like the Gaza War today. Israel and the Palestinians were generally friendly towards each other. Eventually, Israel decide to attack the Gaza strip, and many casualties happened. They said the reason they attacked was to stop rocket fire into Israel and to stop weapons from crossing the border into Gaza, but no one knows the real reason.
external image gaza-airstrike-2009-001.jpg
Pinchfield Farm
Pinchfield farm is Germany. It was run very strict and clean. Mr. Frederick is very hard on his animals, like Hitler was to his people. In the book it talks about how Frederick did all kinds of torture techniques, also like Hitler to Jews and anyone he didn't think was worthy of living.
external image HarvestMoonFarmsMagnum.jpg
I think today Pinchfield farm could be Syria. The Syrian president has been very harsh on his people, slaughtering them when the protest, and other tough measures taken to stay in power, just like Frederick and Hitler.
external image Bashar-Al-Assad-300x253.jpg
Mr. Pilkington
Mr.Pilkington is the leaders of England. Not necessarily one in particular, but just in general. I think he most represents Winston Churchill, since most of the events represented in this book are about the time of WWII. Pilkington was at first a major opponent to Animal farm, but eventually cuddled up to Napoleon.
external image stock-vector-farmer-2840753.jpg
I don't think that Mr Pilkington represents a person, but more a country. One comes to mind: China. They help out the U.S., but are they actually helping us? China may back stab us at any moment, like Mr. Pilkington does at the end of the book when he gets close to Napoleon.
external image CHINA_President_Hu_Jintao_%28500_x_375%29.jpg
Animal Farm
Animal Farm represented communist Russia. The pigs represented the top class and had all the power. Boxer and the horses represent the working class. And the other animals represent a lot of the poor class, with people who believe everything that Napoleon and other pigs say.
external image animalfarm4x4.jpg
I think today Animal Farm could be like Egyptian Mythology. The sun god Ra is like Jones, he was in control for most of the time and people wanted him gone. Then when Isis tricked Ra into giving up his throne is like the Rebellion. Also, After Ra is kicked out, Osiris rules, and this is like When both Snowball and Napoleon ruled. Unfortunately, this was not to last long, as Set murders Osiris, like Napoleon kicks out Snowball. And Finally, Horus takes over from Set, which is like when the pigs turn into humans, and change verything back to the way it was. The other assorted gods and goddesses represent the working and/or poor class of Russia.
external image Egyptian-gods-list-1.jpg